HOLLYWOOD—When news first surfaced about the sparks between Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller, I thought it was another scheme from the queen of schemes. However, over time it became quite evident that the love between Eric and Quinn was indeed growing in intensity and this week they took things to the next level by tying the knot.

Too bad it was a wedding that will never be forgotten. Why? Well, it’s not much of a wedding if you don’t have the audience to witness that bliss. Yep, Ridge, Steffy, Rick, Thorne, Felicia and the entire Forrester clan decided to boycott Quinn and Eric’s reunion and the results did not turn out the way they expected. Ivy Forrester was the only person in attendance, but my gut tells me that was because Ivy had an ulterior motive, but the fact that she did show her uncle that he had her blessing is more than what the others did.

I mean Quinn was not that bothered by the fact that the Forrester clan was not in attendance, however, she was hurt that her only child, Wyatt refused to show up to her wedding. Quinn is indeed crazy people, but this is a woman who would literally kidnap her son’s brother to ensure her son’s happiness. And for once, we’ve come to a situation where Quinn is actually happy and hoping that everyone else can see the change that Eric has brought to her.

Yes, I have never been a fan of Quinn, but recent developments have made me soften a bit for this character that has exuded a level of villainy that is difficult to ignore people. Now back to Eric and his disgruntled clan. Ridge and Steffy are indeed the ringleaders of this farce that backfired in more ways than they expected. The one question that needs to be raised is WHY no one has attempted to really listen to what Eric has to say about Quinn? No one has done that. Steffy has thrown relentless fits, just as her father Ridge has done. I think this is more a result of Ridge not being in the driver seat of Forrester Creations. Memo to Ridge, Eric started Forrester Creations it’s his company you moron.

There was some stellar acting this week from John McCook as he had a confrontation with his entire family about not supporting him by attending his wedding. Everyone was apologetic for their actions except for Ridge and Steffy, who just stood there with regret riddled over their faces as Eric made it crystal clear of his level of disgust for his family.

Well, all that is well does not end well, because in the midst of a tongue lashing, Eric’s health took a turn for the worse, landing him in the hospital and his family reeling from what their latest action has done to the patriarch of the family. Fingers were pointed, tempers reached a boiling point and it only led to Quinn resorting back to her wicked self, but for once she had reason to do so. The man she now loves could be taken from her because he suffered a broken heart. I did indeed think Quinn was a changed person, but this event might cause her to resort to old habits that we all know never die.

It has indeed become a game-changing moment on the soap, because Wyatt is realizing that he has to stand by his mother, even if it could cost him his marriage. I mean let’s be honest, Steffy was never totally linked to him anyway, it was always Liam, it was just a matter of shake-ups that would ultimately lead him to realize that. With Eric’s health in peril, Quinn on a warpath, and people FINALLY realizing its not all about them, I’m just waiting for the fuse that was lit to actually explode on “The Bold and the Beautiful” people!