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“If Loving You Is Wrong” Recap: ‘Hanging In The Balance’

Alex blurted out a secret to Randal that is going to impact several lives.

HOLLYWOOD—Last week I found myself surprised rooting for Edward to get his vengeance against Randal and his attorney pal Larry on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Hanging in the Balance’ saw Eddie implement his masterplan to teach Larry a lesson: he’s not one to be toyed with people. Eddie utilized a Taser to really show Larry pain is not as great as he thinks. When Larry fought back, Eddie managed to get the upper hand.

Ian found himself in a pickle because of Larry’s disappearance, as Travis’ parents were ready to ignite a war against Kelly for killing their son. Looks like Eddie is being kept inside some sort of moving truck in the middle of nowhere. He utilized what Larry enjoys against him: chains and a few brutal punches and kicks.

Seriously this back-and-forth between Brad and Alex is annoying as hell. If one white lie can get him this easily wound up, he should sever ties with Alex completely and move on with his life. He gave Alex an ultimatum that is quite simple: stay away from Randal! Esperanza attempted to reassure Kelly that all will be well, but it was apparent that her pal was unraveling. Here we go again, Randal continuing to push buttons, not realizing that Brad is not messing around. It was such a treat to see Brad rub it in Randal’s face that he is having a baby with Marcie, which shut Randal up quicker than you can count to three.

Esperanza learned from Lushion that Kelly’s former lawyer is on the outs. She raised a big question: could Ian deliver a faulty lawyer on Kelly’s case in an effort to ensure things go in their favor. Lushion got defensive when Esperanza started to question him about making moves to ensure Kelly isn’t thrown to the wolves. Funny moment, seeing Lushion inform Esperanza she might want to stop fraternizing in the workplace. As Alex was walking her son, Randal once again decided to taunt his former lover.

She delivered multiple slaps to his face, as Randal continued to antagonize Alex. Thankfully, Natalie came out to intervene the situation. Natalie delivered one hell of a performance that was perhaps one of the best moments of the entire episode. Oh, I absolutely loved it because it had Randal shaking in his boots. Alex did her best to make amends with Natalie about the paternity lie.

Hard to believe that Ian was able to still have dinner with Marcie considering all the chaos that is happening in his orbit, so here’s hoping Marcie can convince him to do the right thing. Marcie read Ian like a fiddle, and she pushed for information about Kelly’s case, but Ian attempted to change the subject matter. The fact that these two were able to have dinner as if nothing happened was hilarious. Not to mention Marcie running into Esperanza and Steven out on a date. Steven reassured Esperanza that she has nothing to worry about when it comes to their relationship.

Alex, still stressed about Randal was only pushed further when he decided to start blasting loud music from his car, so she utilized a water hose to teach Randal a lesson. She even went as far as turning the music off in his vehicle. The two got into a heated argument, where she called him out on lying to Brad. In a weak moment, Alex revealed to Randal that Marcie’s baby is his!

Wow, I cannot believe that Alex dropped that bomb. Looks like Randal’s world has just been rocked in a way that he never expected. However, Alex never expected Brad to catch her in the act. Oh, this is becoming juicy good. Next week, Marcie, Brad and Ian find themselves taunted to the core by Randal, and Justice starts to spill secrets that can nail Travis. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!

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