UNITED STATES—It is the one thing many of us go to when we just have one of those days where the notion of cooking or being in the kitchen is not on our radar. Fast-food is something we all love, even those who secretly argue behind the scenes that they don’t indulge in it, at some point in their life they did. There are so many problems with fast-food, but at the same time it can be so satisfying for many Americans. The one thing that I’ve noticed about fast-food is that you might get it quickly, but in the long run it’s something that slowly, but surely takes a toll on the body.

We’re talking about fat, carbs, sugar, grease, and oil, just plenty of things that are not great for the body. You cannot eat McDonald’s every single day for an entire month without expecting to gain weight, put stress on your heart, elevate your blood pressure and worse clog your arteries. On top of that, the constant discussion about sugary drinks leads to more diseases like Type II Diabetes should be more alarming for Americans. I’ve seen a bigger trend where parents are more and more looking to fast-food when it comes to feeding their kids. This is NOT good America.

It’s a great idea to allow a child to have fast-food once in a while, but having it every single day for 2-3 meals a day, is not starting a healthy trend. Making the situation worse could be engraining into the child’s mind anytime they are hungry, fast-food will be the first thing that pops into their mind. We do not want that America, you want to teach your kids there are other healthier options out there and available to them to indulge in.

What I find even more alarming is that fast-food doesn’t satiate one’s appetite. You can eat what you think is a big meal and less than 2 hours later you are hungry again. Not only have you probably eaten between 1500-2000 calories in just one meal (one that is not healthy for you), but you’ve already amounted all the calories you are expected to eat during a given day. For 2018, I have curbed fast-food for multiple reasons. Why? 1) It is not healthy 2) I’m trying to save money 3) I want to showcase my ability to resist temptation.

Perhaps the biggest thing that I’ve learned is when I’m NOT eating fast-food I am saving a ton and I mean a ton of money. That is great for my wallet because that is money I can use to pay off debt and take care of important things around the house. I’d argue that if you make a trip to the supermarket and you stock up on groceries the notion of eating fast-food becomes less and less over time. However, if you’re one that allows the fridge to get low on items, every time you open it you will be inclined to think of fast-food as an alternative all the time.

The one thing we cannot escape is the notion of food. It is something we all need in order to survive, but for most Americans what one person considers healthy another person sees as flavorless. What someone sees as easy, another deems difficult. Remember when you put your heart and soul into the dishes you eat, the taste will be worth all the blood, sweat and tears you put into that meal. Remember, with fast-food you’re not doing the work, you’re just handing over funds from the wallet.

Written By Kelsey Thomas