HOLLYWOOD—Kelly should have heeded that advice she got from Marcie and Esperanza about Travis cause it appears he has lost his mind on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong!” This week’s episode, ‘The Mailman’ saw Kelly rallying at Travis for taking her son without her permission. She was emotionally falling apart, um, Kelly this is now a time for your to call the damn POLICE! Kelly got a brain and alerted the authorities that her son was kidnapped by Travis, and the authorities were all over it.

Esperanza was stunned to learn that Travis kidnapped Kelly’s son. Travis, Travis, Travis, I can only imagine what is in this guy’s mind and what he is planning. Eddie did his best to spin his tale to Brad on what happened with Alex, Andrew and her parents in the woods. C’mon Brad, you can’t be that gullible or stupid, you know how dirty and twisted your ‘friend’ truly is. Yes, a bit of friction emerged as Brad called out Eddie on being cold and heartless. Vengeance will indeed be your downfall Eddie, too bad you will never see it coming. Peace Eddie, you’re just making more enemies on your list buddy.

Miss Louise was happy to get a visit from Marcie. I mean I’m stunned, these two ladies were mortal enemies and have become the best of friends. It was apparent that Miss Louise knew something was up with her daughter-in-law. Marcie spoke a bit of truth about Randal’s unending antics, which Miss Louise had to come to terms with.

Marcie was about to reveal that she was pregnant, but Randal interrupted the conversation with his badgering about Alex. He resorted to name calling and she started to push her hubby’s buttons with innuendos. Miss Louise started to put doubt in Randal’s mind with the possibility that Alex may have indeed had multiple partners he was unsure about. Valid point, the possibility that the ‘mailman’ could be the baby daddy or Lushion, but we definitely know Lushion is not an option.

Kelly was not pleased to see Ms. Diane stop by the bank to make more demands, without knowing that Kelly’s son has been abducted. Kelly’s fiery side emerged, and this lady was pushing buttons where it felt like Kelly would explode at any moment.. Ms. Diane was more concerned with her son having a place to stay when he got out of prison, than the possibility that her grandson could be in mortal danger. It was apparent Joey’s recovery would not be a speedy recovery. Natalie was on edge when Mr. Kim stopped by, but was relieved to learn that Joey saved his daughter Faun’s life. Jeez, I wish Tyler Perry would work on making the dialogue more natural.

This is a welcome surprise, I was certain Natalie and Joey would be barred for life from Mr. Kim. Natalie let things be, but she inquired if Mr. Kim paid Joey’s hospital bills. Um, no he did not, so that is indeed an interesting narrative point. Alex was forced to have an awkward conversation with her kids about the current situation; it was apparent Alex was emotionally punished, but it was apparent her oldest son Peter wanted to push a few buttons.

Lushion and Alex had a brief conversation that sparked interest by Randal who was watching from a distance. It was apparent to Lushion that something was troubling his new neighbor. She was none too happy to learn that Randal might be aiming to press charges against her. Lushion asked questions about Andrew and Alex indicated that he assisted her when she wrecked her car. Damn, just as Lushion was about to get more information, the kids interrupted the conversation. Back at the hospital, Pete and Joey were both going through the rounds of physical therapy, and the two sparked a conversation about being shot. Pete didn’t reveal too much in detail, but it was apparent that Joey was playing some sort of game; lying about being a police officer.

What the hell, what is Joey up to? It was apparent that Pete knew Joey was lying, but the bigger question is why? The scene was intensified when the authorities burst into the hospital to take Joey into custody for violating his probation. Now, I didn’t expect that people! Next week, the game intensifies as Alex utilizes her charm to get underneath Randal’s skin. Until next week, “If Loving Your is Wrong” love-birds!