HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe it! We are only 10 episodes away from finally discovering the mastermind who has been a massive thorn in the lives of the ladies from the Free Form hit “Pretty Little Liars.” Yes, it seems like it has been over a year, since the summer finale that dropped a few major bombs on viewers. Quick refresher: Noel Kahn is dead, we still have no idea who killed Charlotte, and Spencer learned that Mary Drake is her mother!

Yes, plenty of juicy tidbits to discuss to say the least. The spring premiere, which will wrap up the series once and for all kicked off with the episode, ‘Playtime’ with Spencer receiving medical treatment after being shot by Jenna. Speaking of Jenna she was being held captive by “A.D.” Yes, good luck on trying to piece things together, I have theories, but we will share those at a later date. Spencer was rushed to the hospital to be treated for her gunshot wound, and the liars were stunned to see Toby be carted into the ER as well. Well that was quick; Toby is out of the hospital, Spencer is recovering, and Yvonne is in a medically induced coma.

Spencer was at the Lost Woods Resort looking for Mary, just as Aria was stunned to see Ezra arrive home just as she was planning to head out. Awkward! With Nicole alive, it complicates things people, but it’s evident Ezra has made his choice? Time lapse, what the hell happened with Noel? It’s like the writers forgot to address what transpired or it doesn’t matter. Looks Paige and Emily will be working together at Rosewood High.

Well, so much for a happy ending, the liars got a threat from the enemy, “It’s Playtime,” A.D. Inside the box was a perfect replica of Rosewood, with the liars’ dolls as players. Hmm, not fully certain what our foe has in play for the ladies, but I’m guessing death is at the top of the list. Alison is a bit jealous of Paige and Emily, and Mona decided to help Hanna with her fashion designs. Detective Marco noted that Archer Dunhill aka Elliott may have been working alongside Noel and Jenna. Hmm, it is possible Jenna didn’t shoot Spencer, but someone A.D. people.

Aria got a shock when she ran into Holden while looking for a venue for her wedding. At long list, a parent has returned. Veronica was ecstatic to see her daughter, and the awkward conversation begins as Spencer divulged all the madness that occurred while she was MIA. Looks like Veronica has a grudge with Mary, and the bombshell was dropped to Mrs. Hastings. Veronica started to share details about Mary Drake’s past, and why Jessica divulged the details about her twin sister.

Veronica revealed that Peter Hastings slept with Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis. Yup, SPENCER and ALISON are cousins, meaning Charlotte and Spencer are sisters! We got a flashback sequence of Veronica receiving Spencer as a baby as she sat waiting in a car. That was a tough scene to watch; Veronica pouring out her heart, and Spencer grappling with the fact that everything she thought she knew as a lie. And the claws came out between Paige and Emily, hmm, old Ali has resurfaced. A.D. sent Spencer a text pushing her to play his or her little game to garner more details about Mary Drake. Hmm, we’re playing truth or dare, and A.D. wants Spencer to visit Toby to ‘get a reward,’ and Spencer paid her ex a visit. Aww, Spoby, these two so belong together.

Ali and Emily had a tense conversation, where it was apparent that Emily was not ready to kiss and make up just yet. Back at the barnyard, Spencer got a clue from A.D. where she retrieved an envelope from Radley Sanitarium, with a puzzle piece, and a letter from Mary pouring out her heart to her daughter. Wow, the writers sure know how to make the audience feel sorry for Mary Drake. I’ve always been a lover of “Pretty Little Liars” because the show knows how to leave the audience with a cliffhanger at the end of each episode to make you want more. Veronica was tempted to look at that letter Spencer had by her side, but resisted temptation.

Paige continued to prove that her anger has never let up, even as an adult. Hmm, I’m starting to suspect Paige might not be so innocent after all people. Spencer alerted Ali, Hanna, Aria and Emily that she had to play the game to get answers. Hanna was ready to go ‘psycho’ on the board game, but A.D. revealed they had evidence of the liar’s culpability in Rollins death. The final moments saw Jenna drinking tea, as she begged for information about the game. She discovered that whatever the end is, it’s something that will make her very happy.

Ok, all it takes is one hour and I’m completely enthralled yet again. Who knew a board game could cause so much chaos, I’m DYING to know what A.D. has planned, but it looks like death is in the cards. Major clue: that person was wearing scrubs people. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!