SAN FRANCISCO—Giants manager Bruce Bochy, 62, underwent a heart procedure on Tuesday, April 18 to repair what team officials have described as an ablation surgery. He will miss two games against the Royals in Kansas City as a result.

Bochy has reportedly been treated for heart-related complications three times in three seasons. At the start of spring training for the 2015 season, he experienced a blocked artery for which he had two stents inserted. In August 2016, while in Miami, he was treated for issues which have not been disclosed with the public.

On Monday, Bochy claimed to have been experiencing symptoms of arrhythmia and made an appointment with his physician in San Diego, where he resides.

Bochy is currently resting at home and, according to acting manager Ron Wotus (who anticipated Bochy’s absence), he is expected to make an appearance in Colorado, where the team will play on Friday.

“We just want him to take care of himself. Take his time and make sure he has been cleared and is OK to manage. What we do is secondary to other things in life,” catcher Buster Posey shared with

Various users on Twitter, including Sports Columnist Lowell Chon, have tweeted about Bochy since the completion of his heart procedure.