HOLLYWOOD—Last week we received a break from the drama on Tyler Perry’s hit series “If Loving You is Wrong,” but this week the TV show returned to epic proportions. This week’s episode, ‘Something is Rotten’ picked up where the previous episode ended with Eddie going ballistic after spying Steven and Esperanza getting hot and heavy on the kitchen counter. So it is true, Eddie still has a major torch for his ex-wife, and the beating he put on Steven was proof of that. The fist fight was halted by Lushion who was forced to maintain Eddie, who will indeed be out for blood as time progresses.

Steven performed the walk of shame just as Lushion gave him the third degree about him being caught in a compromising situation. Ian continued to chase after Marcie who seemed smitten by his persistence; the flirting between these two is definitely heating up. Hmm, Ian’s curiosity was peaked when he realized Randal is a pal of his boss, Larry. Last week it was hinted, but now I’m certain Randal and Larry had some sort of secret fling in the past.

Alex lied directly to Brad’s face regarding the paternity test for her newborn; oh Alex, you never learn, secrets have a way of coming to the surface when you least expect them. It seems like Brad might know who actually fixed the paternity results; I was certain it wasn’t him, but now I think it is indeed Brad, and the fact that that camera of Randal’s recorded the entire conversation is not good people. Natalie sent red flags to Kelly about that gun she purchased from her ‘pal,’ just as the discussion turned back to Travis and his antics. Not smart to ask an attorney if a gun has a serial number Natalie!

Natalie put more pressure on Lushion about that gun Kelly had. Brad and Alex’s cozy afternoon got tense with the arrival of Natalie who wanted to ask her gal pal a few questions about the paternity of her baby and the potential of Lushion being the father of her child. Whoa, Brad and Alex told Natalie that the paternity results for her child were fixed to show that Randal is not the father. Knowledge is power people, knowledge is power, and that information in the wrong hands is quite dangerous.

Kelly was thrown by the fact that Travis is putting on an act that he is a happy-go-lucky Church going guy. Looks like Kelly is making the moves to put a bit of pressure on Travis to force him to crack. The flirting continues for Ian and Marcie people, but things were only more complicated when Randal came face-to-face with the guy who he assumes is hitting on his wife. Randal continued to antagonize Marcie refusing to sign the divorce papers, and he immediately came to Marcie’s defense. Ian is a stand-up guy, perhaps the one Marcie needs and deserves, and a dinner date is in play people.

So at long last we learn a bit of tea about Randal’s past that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Randal and Larry had a chat about their sordid past, where hints were made by both parties about skeletons in their closet. This is getting juicy people; Larry has a big secret and Randal is keeping it for his pal, but him alluding to Marcie digging into their past is not good. Just what do these two share that they don’t want the rest of the world knowing? This is great, get a bit of liquor into Randal and he’ll spill all of his secrets people. Hmm, now it seems like Randal and Larry were con artists in college.

Esperanza clued Natalie in on the drama in her life, and Natalie got an earful about all the mess Eddie has been putting her through. Jeez, I’ve never seen Essie so fractured and emotionally wrecked. It was funny to see the ladies joke about things, and Natalie was on cloud nine America, but the girl talk was interrupted by Lushion’s arrival. He dropped a major wife on his soon to be wife; that gun Kelly had was a stolen firearm that belonged to Ramsey. Ok, that is just a crazy twist, and how this pans out I’m dying to know. Next week looks good people because Travis is back in the mix and he looks to be losing it. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!