HOLLYWOOD—It’s amazing how one little lie can turn the tables on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” Randal’s obsession with Alex is certainly causing him to spiral out of control, especially in this week’s episode, ‘Tippa Haynes.’ Randal decided to confront Alex about her secret transgressions, and she decided to play his game. For someone who happens to be a psychologist, Randal is pretty dumb to say the least or just plain jealous.

To see Randal get so unnerved with this shocking lie had me laughing out loud. This woman has this man not wrapped, but twisted around her finger, and he’s falling for all her antics. Wow, a psychologist being outwitted by the woman who has made his life a living hell, such twisted television. As Alex pushed up on Randal, it became evident it would be difficult for him to resist temptation.

The situation was intensified by Eddie who drove his truck between Alex and Randal. Per usual Eddie lost control, and was forced to restrain his true feelings in the presence of children. Even the kids can’t stand Eddie, just as Randal was ready to beat some sense into the cop who tried to hang him. Alex was not unnerved the least with Eddie’s threats, but he was clever enough to pick up on Alex’s dialogue.

Man, Eddie might be dirty, but he’s smart; he is onto the fact that Alex was talking like she had been coached, and he wanted information about the whereabouts of Andrew. Eddie poked that Andrew was dead, but we all know that is not true. Um, Alex this is a good time to utilize the information you have on Eddie about attempting to hang Randal. The fact that he accused Alex of murdering Andrew to cover his tracks was so laughable.

If her day couldn’t get more stressful, Kelly received a phone call from Tyrell who she continued to dance around the issue of Justice being kidnapped. Kelly the man is her son’s father, the least you can do is tell him what has transpired. Keeping this bottled up is only going to cause you to explode. Yeah, I was stunned to discover that Natalie was working in the middle of utter chaos with Joey’s shooting. Too bad Natalie has no idea that Joey has been taken into police custody for violating his probation.

Another episode, another moment between Marcie and Brad regarding where their relationship stands, and she hinted at a big decision she is looking to make. Tell him already that you are pregnant and that he could be the father of your child. What?! These two said the ‘L’ word, just as a few kisses were shared along the way, and Brad started to pinpoint that she could be preggers, but she dismissed that possibility.

Marcie was not pleased to hear Brad announce that he would not be thrilled with raising a baby with her; hmm, that makes the situation tricky to say the least people. Randal received a visit from Tippa Haynes to conduct a DNA test to determine if he is the father of Alex’s baby. Looks like he was smitten by Tippa to say the least, but I’m wondering if the conversation between the two was appropriate considering she is a member of the court. Did not expect that one, Tippa is married to another woman! Too bad Randal no luck here buddy and the friendly conversation immediately turned cold.

Interesting development to see Randal point the finger at Lushion knowing all too well that he is NOT the father of Alex’s baby, and that is only going to rub Natalie the wrong way people. Kelly was a nervous wreck hoping for an update on Justice’s whereabouts. Esperanza was livid with Rick who assumed that Kelly may have staged Justice’s kidnapping. Mr. Perry, please you cannot make these characters that stupid! Kelly flipped when Esperanza asked why she did not file the restraining order.

The final moments of the episode was tense as hell, as the cops rushed to Kelly’s home, and she struggled furiously to enter her home, as Esperanza did all in her power to restrain her friend. It looked apparent that Travis might have unleashed some sort of gas or toxic material into the air causing the authorities to vacate the home as soon as they entered it.

Well, next week, Natalie starts to suspect that Alex may have slept with her husband to be, and finally the moment that we’ve been waiting for: Randal, Brad and Eddie come face-to-face. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!