HOLLYWOOD—Talk about the advancement of technology people in cinema. I mean I recall the film “Child’s Play” from 1989. I actually had a doll that looks quite similar to Chucky, the homicidal doll that goes on a killing spree. The first flick is the only and entertaining movie in the franchise to be honest. However, Chucky might have a bit of competition with “M3gan.” This new horror-thriller, involves an artificial intelligence doll that thinks and behaves like a human being, but it’s not.

Yeah, we love Alexa, but this movie will force you to question if having that technology that can do so much for you, like all those smart devices, if they’re actually good or if they malfunction what can be the downfall. I’ll just say this “M3gan” is not winning any Academy Awards. It’s a fun, entertaining movie that delivers some laughs, scares and plenty of fun people. This movie is like Chucky on steroids because the things this doll does whew, that leave you saying to yourself, “Did that just happen?”

I mean that iconic dance that everyone has been talking about that is slightly teased in the trailer is so much fun when you witness it on the big screen people. The amount of laughter I burst out in right before the nefarious doll dispatched of a character was epic. She says some wicked lines that give a nod to “Child’s Play” but with a modern twist.

The narrative of the flick is pretty straightforward that involves Cady (Violet McGraw) loses her parents in a car crash, she goes to live with her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams), who happens to be a tech guru. She works for a company that specializes in artificial intelligence. Gemma has been working on a prototype for work, but hasn’t fixed all the kinks just yet. Cady is struggling with the death of her parents and while at Gemma’s place of work gives her aunt an idea for a doll that soon becomes ‘Megan.’

Megan and Cady bond quite quickly and their relationship becomes one that Cady becomes fixated on. Megan has replaced her actual interaction with other people. All seems good with Megan at first until Cady is threatened. When Megan feels Cady is threatened she reacts and she reacts violently. She attacks a dog, uses a nail gun and power washer against an annoying neighbor, taking care of a bully by ripping off an ear and a host of other crazy stunts that heighten as the movie reaches its climax that is very reminiscent of “Child’s Play.” Everyone realizes the doll is evil, but by that time it is already too late for many of them.

Jason Blum and company know exactly what they’re doing with the horror genre, by modernizing it in a way, but still providing those winks to the past that entertain. The biggest message I got from watching this movie is technology has its flaws people and just because we think something makes our lives easier, it comes with a price, and “M3gan” makes that crystal clear.

Tons of fun, lots of laughs and I without a doubt see a sequel. I just hope we see an R-rated version because I think it opens the door for more chaos and a darker tale that could be even more exciting for this new AI doll, “M3gan.”