UNITED STATES─Do you have a smart phone? Do you have a flip phone? A tablet, an iPad? You might be asking exactly what am I getting at. Technology dictates our life that is the message I’m trying to get across to everyone. No matter what you do, technology will always be part of your life in the current world we live in. I used to love living in a time where we had the rotary phone, no cellphones, no internet and devices consuming hours of our day because we are just bored and we glue ourselves to those devices.

However, it is now 2023 and it poses the question? Have you taken a digital detox America? Is that even a possibility? Why not? All you have to do is turn off the phone! I know that can be hard, but sometimes it is the best form of medicine for your phone. There is a problem with that: we are so glued to technology in the current era that we feel empty if we do not have it.

Just the other day, a family member got upset at me because they were trying to call me by phone and I did not answer. I said I’m not glued to my phone 24/7. It is not in my hand at all times. It really is not, because if you’re always glued to your phone what way can you enjoy and actually live life. Here is the secret: you cannot.

It is like social media, I just cannot understand or fathom people’s obsession. I have no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or anything else. I guess I can understand people using it to connect with family and friends that they do not see on a daily or weekly basis. This notion of sitting on your phone, tablet or computer for hours on end and not doing anything, I just do not understand.

Social media and technology have made us so damn lazy! We need to get off our bums and actually do something and enjoy doing it without worrying about tweeting the world so they know exactly where we are, what we’re doing and who we’re doing it with.

A lot of the time social media comes across as a bragging opportunity. Hey, I want the world to know how much money I have, where I can go freely, guess what people a lot of what you’re doing is simply boasting to the public. So many people get caught up in that melee that it becomes a realization you’re trying to live your life around a perception that is not real. Social media is a façade, and technology in general creates a bit more stress than you expect.

I’m not saying you can go a month without checking your email if your job requires you to check email, but my argument is you do not have to consume your life with technology 24/7, take a bit of a break and you might realize how happy, how content you are with that break that you took that you almost felt was impossible to take. You sometimes never know what you can and cannot do until you take a moment to actually do it. Technology is part of our lives you cannot change that, what you can change is how much you allow it to control or consume your life. Remember, you can always say NO.

Written By Jason Jones