HOLLYWOOD—Who knew the last week of May sweeps would deliver the level of madness and chaos soap fans have been dying for on “General Hospital?” Not me, it’s usually the reversal, where the first week unleashes a bevy of shockers. The big story of the hour is the Nurses Ball, which has become a staple on the soap in recent years, where massive shockers have taken center stage. Last year, we saw the dirty truth about Jason Morgan come front-and-center, and relationships crumble.

This time around the focus is on Helena Cassadine’s plan to unleash the Chimera Project, a deadly toxin on unsuspecting participants at the annual event. Why is this of importance? Well little Jake received a magic set, and inside that suitcase is the canister for the Chimera Project, which Jake, seems torn about. However, Helena seems to have a level of mind-control over the little tot. This has Jason and Liz both concerned about the mental state of their son, especially Jason who is having vivid nightmares of Helena warning him that evil things are moving in his direction.

Things were only complicated with the involvement of Valentin, Anna and Alex, yes, for those not in the know (we predicted this weeks ago), Alex is Anna’s twin sister. Alex was the one who seduced Valentin and has been secretly passing as her sister in Port Charles. The ladies confronted one another, and Alex spilled all the tea about her sordid past with Anna’s enemy, and the audience now knows the entirety of the Chimera Project. That is not the only madness being unleashed on Port Charles residents. Oh, and it wouldn’t be “GH” without a surprise, because Alex is secretly working alongside another foe that will send shockwaves to soap fans!

Ava Jerome is still on cloud nine thinking her cover-up with the Morgan pill swap is long over, but Lucy Coe still knows the truth and Dr. Maddox has finally realized those pills were indeed swapped. So with the big secret finally out of the water, Ava scrambled to cover her tracks. Sonny still hasn’t been able to let go of the mysterious appearance of his son’s pills. Ava decided to make a donation at the ceremony in honor of Morgan, but little did she know that donation would ultimately put the gears in motion to her downfall. Even Kiki, Ava’s daughter sensed something off with mother and the pressure is starting to get to our devious one.

Watching that long-awaited confrontation between Sonny, Carly and Ava about Morgan’s demise was sensational acting as usual from Maura West, who might be one of the best villains in daytime TV history people. Could this be the end of Ava Jerome? I mean the woman has committed some devilish deeds so it’s only fitting to see her finally pay for her crimes.

If that madness wasn’t enough, it was revealed that Hayden is pregnant with Finn’s baby, just as it became apparent Brad was not the person setting up Finn, it was good ole Dr. Obrecht people. Yes, the lady who committed so many dastardly deeds has returned to her evil roots. However, I can only imagine, just precisely what has Finn done to Liesl to leave her desperate to oust him by tampering with not one, not two, but multiple drug tests?

Oh, the Nurses Ball has never been as entertaining, with masked goons in play, fist fights and the threat of death looming, it has become a Nurses Ball that fans of “General Hospital” will not soon forget.