HOLLYWOOD—Madonna’s ex-husband, Sean Penn has written his first novel and critics are tearing it apart. The novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” is about a hitman working for US intelligence. The book also referenced a fictional president, who is described as a “violently immature 70-year-old boy-man.”

Publicity for the novel describes Bob Honey as a “contract killer for off-the-books program run by a branch of US intelligence that targets the elderly, the infirm and others who drain this consumption-driven society of its resources.” It has been described by the New York Times as “a riddle wrapped in an enigma and cloaked in crazy.”

Critics were keen to pick up on Mr. Landlord, a character that could be a thinly veiled dig at President Trump. In the novel, he is described as a “violently immature 70-year-old man with money and French vanilla cotton candy hair.” “Penn, like Bob, is a Baby Boomer, and its hard not to read the book as his loud, angry, absurdist response to the state of the world,” he writes. In the novel, it switches, without warning, between poetry and prose, while the epilogue contains an entire poem. Not all the critics disliked the book, some critics said, ” [It was] great fun to read.” Penn, 57, won Oscars for his roles in “Mystic River” and “Milk.” He also starred in the films “Dead Man Walking” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” The novel concludes with an epilogue that calls the #MeToo movement “a toddler’s crusade.”

Another woman is surfacing, an ex-assistant of Harvey Weinstein who said she was pressured into signing a non-disclosure agreement that was “morally lacking on every level.” Zelda Perkins said she left Weinstein’s company Miramax after a colleague accused him of trying to rape her. Weinstein has denied all allegations of “non-consensual sexual contact.” Weinstein has face alleged allegations from many women. Ms Perkins said she felt “pressure” to sign the DA and had been “unhappy with the entire process.”

She also said she tried to make sure the agreement contained restrictions on Weinstein’s future conduct, but that they were not subsequently enforced. “Essentially we were defrauded,” she told the committee, which is conducting an inquiry into sexual harassment in the work place. Ms. Perkins said she was never given a copy of the non-disclosure agreement she signed and that she was told by her lawyers that they had never seen one like it. Ms. Perkins said her career had “basically come to a halt” afterwards and that both she and her former colleague have both left the country.

No further action for the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after being accused of sexual harassment. The allegations against John Bailey was investigated by AMPAS. Bailey was accused of touching a woman inappropriately more than 10 years ago. The Academy and its membership and administration committee had “unanimously determined that no further action was merited on this matter.” The Academy takes these claims “very seriously.”

The statement came days after the 75-year-old cinematographer sent a memo to staff denying the allegation. Bailey has worked on such films as “American Gigolo,” “The Big Chill,” and “Groundhog Day.” He was elected the Academy’s president for a four-year term in August 2017, shortly before the high-profile allegations about Hollywood abuse emerged.

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