SAN FRANCISCO—Michael Brown, 42, who is facing charges including kidnapping, conspiracy, human trafficking, assault pimping, domestic violence, and murder, will stand trial before a judge. On Thursday, September 20, Judge Samuel Stevens made the decision based on the two days f testimony from the victim.  Timothy Attaway, 26, was taken into custody on the charge of kidnapping.

One of the victims, a sex worker that went by the name of “Miss B” spoke about her abusive relationship with the defendant. She stated that at first Brown acted like a boyfriend, but later took on the role of her pimp. In April 2018, “Miss B” informed NBC Bay Area news that Brown forced her to work as a prostitute and took her car, cellphone and ID before dropping her off in an unknown region.

According to court documents, if “Miss B” did not make enough money for Brown, she would be forced to sleep outside. She broke off the relationship and began a new one with a man who then acted as a pimp to her as well.  

On her birthday, June 10, “Miss B” was lured into the Tenderloin District in San Francisco by Brown’s assistant, Daphne “Pink” Bailey, 40, who promised they would celebrate her birthday with cupcakes and cocaine.  Upon her arrival, “Miss B” was attacked by Brown as he punched her in the face. With the help of Attaway, he placed “Miss B” in the trunk of a Dodge Challenger.  Attaway left and Bailey got in the passenger seat. The attack was played in court for the jury.

As the car was moving, “Miss B” managed to find an emergency escape and exit the vehicle.  Prosecutors stated witnesses followed the car in a high-speed chase down the freeway.  Officers from the San Francisco Police Department recognized the vehicle and followed it down the Bay Bridge. Brown attempted and he crashed into a pole on Peralta Street, near the West MacArthur Boulevard off-ramp at around 3:20 p.m., with the vehicle sustaining severe damage before erupting into flames.

Bystanders retrieved Brown from the vehicle, but Bailey was trapped inside where she burnt to death. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Footage of the crash was captured by witnesses who posted on social media.

Judge Stevens charged Brown with second degree murder in the death of Daphne Bailey under the legal standard of implied malice. Prosecutors argued the charge could be elevated to first-degree murder under California’s felony murder rule.  The rule states that death that happens under the commission of certain felonies classify as murder. Brown and Attaway are being held without bail.