SAN FRANCISCO—The suspect involved in the theft of Maki the Lemur was released from jail on Tuesday, January 5. 

On Tuesday, Corey McGilloway appeared in court for the theft of the Lemur. Judge Michael McNaughton told McGilloway to stay away from the San-Francisco Zoo upon release.

Maki, a male Lemur went missing in October 2020. Officials on the scene found evidence of a break-in to Maki’s enclosure. Maki was found in Daly City at a church playground, not too long after he was declared missing. He was spotted by a young boy. Maki was unharmed and sent back to the San-Francisco Zoo. 

McGilloway was arrested in Marin County and photographs of the Lemur were found on his cellular device. 

McGilloway was already on probation due to prior violations. He was on probation out of Los Angeles County. The judge ordered McGilloway to follow prior probation rules upon release. 

McGilloway is currently awaiting trial for a few charges. The charges include, vandalism grand theft and burglary.