Marshawn Lynch Involved In SF Brawl


SAN FRANCISCO—Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, also known as Public Enemy Number One to 49ers fans, was involved in a fight outside a San Francisco bar on March 13.

The altercation was captured on a video and sent to TMZ Sports.

Lynch was leaving the bar when a man, believed to be a Niners fan, aimed numerous insults at the All-Pro tailback, including several cleverly thought-out “Seattle sea chicken” blasts.

Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch was involved in a fight outside of a San Francisco bar.

After repeated insults, friends of Lynch came to the player’s defense, beginning a short altercation in which several punches were thrown.

The brief video clip shows Lynch attempting to break-up the conflict, a sight unwelcoming to the Seahawks organization that recently handed over a king’s ransom to retain Lynch’s services.

A few witnesses claim Lynch himself threw several punches. Police responded to the scene of the fight, but the running back was neither arrested nor detained.