SAN FRANCISCO—Marvel is back and filming a new superhero film in downtown San Francisco. A bystander by the name of Rody Davis (@rodydavisjr) filmed seven consecutive videos for TikTok of scenes being filmed on Monday, October 19 near Union Square.

The film is “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and the movie will focus on the Marvel comic book character by the name of Shang-Chi. The videos uploaded by Davis include action sequences featuring half destroyed buses racing through intersections as onlookers’ film.  

Davis said he parked close to Union Square to grab some coffee when he noticed roads were blocked off.

He asked set workers what they were doing, and they told him they were working on “Project Steamboat.” He spotted a dump truck that read “Marvel Productions,” and was told to search the project name on Google to find out more. 

Davis said that there were martial arts extras present during filming and that the movie is expected to be martial arts heavy.  

The film will feature stars such as Simu Liu, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Michelle Yeoh and Florian Munteanu. Filming started on October 17 and is expected to end on Saturday, October 24.