HELLO AMERICA!—Thanks to the media we are getting a fair sense of what is happening in the streets, and the cities of our nation. With congressional-type representatives such as Maxine Waters who does not hesitate to voice her opinion concerning the political climate affecting all of us, our eyes are suddenly opened to ignore realities. When we spoke from her Washington office, she congratulated on the type of coverage given in this column across the board including those from every facet of American life.

Waters informed me that she has been talking with several Hollywood producers concerning a documentary based on the shocking transition and games played during and following the 2016 election.

“When I think of what happened to Germany and Europe during the ‘30s, I suddenly remembered the attitude of Hitler’s men, how they cleverly invaded the country, filling it with hatred and suspicion of the Jewish people ultimately causing the death of six million innocent, unsuspecting souls.”

The Congresswoman observing the slow regurgitation of hate and separation affecting those of different color and religions across America is a freighting realization.

“There are those on the extreme far right, [who are] determined to turn this country up-side-down, controlled by big business forcing millions of families to suffer under their rule. We forget how it was during the 19th and early years of the 20th century when the little people had no union protection or anyone else to represent them. It was quite a struggle to gain governmental respect and make it known that we were not going to sit and allow anyone destroy our god given rights as human beings – the right of survival and respect!”

Walters is devastated how the nation’s capital seems to have lost that certain glow, a kind of excitement representing three hundred years of struggle in creating the world where people believed so fervently in freedom and their inalienable rights to exist as free, unencumbered human beings, contrasting that from which they came.

“The feeling of hope and the excitement that once lingered the air where our nation’s laws are framed seems to be a threat from those who are determined to take us back during a time when people who are considered different from themselves would again suffer under their rule, making them again master of all those who doesn’t have the will or means to fight for themselves! I would like the film I’m considering [to] paint a clear picture of what is actually taking place in our nation. I want the people to know what all the scum bags we’re dealing with in Washington today are all about. And all the criticism I’ve received from the likes of Bill O’Reilly (Fox) doesn’t scare me one bit or anything from the opposing party. Someone has to stand up and I have nothing to lose and I’m doing what I believe must be done.”

Congresswoman Waters offered that her meetings with several filmmakers were met with tremendous interest and excitement. “The general feeling,” she said, “is one filled with interest and anticipation. It’s important for people to understand that it is time for them to stand up and be counted again.  That is who we are in this country!”