SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Mayor London Breed asked California Governor Jerry Brown to release her brother from jail early. Breed’s brother, Napoleon Brown, 46, was sentenced to 44 years after committing manslaughter in the death of Lenties White, 25, in 2000.

Napoleon pushed White our of a car following a robber onto the Golden Gate Bridge where he died after being struck by oncoming traffic.

In her letter to Governor Brown, she asked for redemption for her brother stating:

“His decisions, his actions, led him to the place he finds himself in now. Still, I ask that you consider mercy, and rehabilitation.” Mayor Breed goes on to explain how Napoleon is well along his recovery process as he has participated in parenting programs, 12-step programs, restorative justice programs, and alternatives to violence programs.   

She included background information, about their childhood which included public housing development without their parents.  In the letter, she also explains that it was common among children in those homes to develop some sort of drug problem.

Mayor Breed indicates in the letter that those recovering are in need of support from their families and being in prison does not help, but counteracts against the effects of rehabilitation.  Upon Governor Brown releasing her brother, Breed ensures in the letter that  her family will provide the support needed for him to make a full recovery.