SAN FRANCISCO—The city of San Francisco will be backfilling federal cuts in order to maintain current funding levels for HIV/AIDS prevention and essential health services.

SF Mayor Edwin M. Lee announced his budgeting plan on April 28 and is seeking to backfill approximately $750,000 annually to preserve funding for HIV/AIDS in his proposed FY 2016-17 and FY 2017-18 budget, and an annual Centers for Disease Control funding shortfall of $384,000 for FY 2016-17.

The proposed funding will be implemented in order to maintain primary care services and critical support services for San Franciscans living with HIV/AIDS, including hospice, treatment adherence, case management and housing, according to a press release from the Mayor’s office.

“San Francisco is a national leader in treatment, housing, and compassionate care for people living with HIV/AIDS, and we are fully committed to funding critical care and prevention services for those at risk,” said Mayor Lee. “Our investment provides hope to finding a cure, getting to zero and one day bringing an end to this epidemic.”

The allotted funds will allow San Francisco to continue its HIV prevention programs which include, HIV testing, Prevention with Positives, and programs that address HIV health disparities in vulnerable populations.

In the city’s FY 2015-2016 budget, Mayor Lee and the Board of Supervisors dedicated $16.8 million to support HIV/AIDS prevention and $37.6 million to support HIV/AIDS care for San Francisco residents.

Mayor Lee is also committed to backing filling federal cuts to HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People with HIV/AIDS), which primarily offers residential care facilities and rental subsidies to those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

A HOPWA grant to the city of San Francisco is expected to decrease by $372,000 in FY 2016-17, and the city intends to cover the funding deficit in order to confirm that there will be no reduction in service to the public.

Throughout the course of FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17, San Francisco will have backfilled over $1.7 million worth of HOPWA cuts.

The Department of Public Health’s HIV Prevention Program spends $16.8 million annually, $5 million of which is funded CDC. Since 2012, the city of San Francisco has backfilled $14.9 million in reductions and redirected it toward HIV/AIDS prevention programs and health services.

The Mayor’s Office will continue to work with the Department of Public Health to monitor any potential changes to funding.