HOLLYWOOD—I can’t say I’m surprised, but in an odd way I am surprised with the shenanigans on “Days of Our Lives.” Why? Well, it’s been talked about for weeks and the results are finally in regarding the mayoral election in Salem. The new mayor is Jack Deveraux and his sleazy wife, Eve Donovan is the new Police Commissioner. Yeah, how in the hell can someone with NO EXPERIENCE become the Police Commissioner? Only in the soap world can such a thing transpire. Hope Brady is out of a job, Salem is baffled and all hell is breaking loose as we speak.

Jack and Eve are on cloud nine, but as we all know, no one stays on top forever, and Eve has a woman scorned on her radar. Yes, at last Claire was exposed by JJ and Tripp of all people and he severed all ties with her. The damsel in distress cried, whined and thought all would be ok, but the love affair for Claire and Tripp is officially over. Claire turned Ciara of all people to be a shoulder to lean on. I am so happy that little tidbits are being dropped about that cabin fire because when the truth is exposed it will be epic and Ben’s radar was spooked this week when Claire attempted to teach Tripp a lesson.

Claire is a pivotal player right now because she can expose Eve in a major way, which could cause ruffles for Eve’s new power position and the new Mayor. In addition, Eve might try to utilize what Claire shared about the cabin fire as leverage. Hmm, there’s a problem with that because Eve has now made herself as an accomplice to Claire’s crime: attempted murder. So as much as we’d like to think Eve is the power player here, it’s actually Claire and we know that girl does some twisted things to get what she wants. Eve wants Ben punished for killing Paige, but she has to worry about Jennifer who is erupting with rage to expose Jack and Eve for their shenanigans. Oh, this should be good people.

This has led to the most explosive reveal that many “DOOL” fans saw a million miles away: Melinda Trask is Haley Chen’s mother! Shocker right? She exposed the truth, right as Haley was about to be transported out of the country. Luckily, JJ came to her aide and the two escaped and are now fugitives on the run, and have managed to outwit the authorities, with the help of Tripp along the way. This will only make their bond stronger, but Melinda is spiraling. She was ready to fire bullets into Jack and Eve for their treatment of Haley, but Jennifer was able to talk her down, at least for the moment being. Jack and Eve are not so popular in Salem right now and the list of enemies they are making is growing at an exponential rate.

On the flip side, a major bomb was revealed regarding the relationship between Nicole and Xander. I always thought Nicole’s sudden return from the dead was suspect, and now the audience knows why. Xander and Nicole are working together, which forces the audience to ponder not only how, but why? We know Holly is very much alive, so why would Nicole go thru such a ruse? We only have two options: 1) Nicole has amnesia or 2) Nicole is an imposter, which makes me question if Kristen DiMera is back from the dead yet again. Any other explanation would make no sense.

And it would make perfect sense if Nicole was actually Kristen in disguise. Why? She is obsessed with Brady, she can’t return to town with her actual face, she wants to stick the dagger into Eric yet again and no one would suspect her. However, I don’t know what she gets out of hoodwinking half of Salem along the way. However, it’s a dirty deed because you have so many people suspecting that Holly is dead, however, the more I think about it, Kristen being Nicole would make perfect sense.

It would totally explain Sami Brady’s sudden return to Salem people and the icing on the cake is Kristen would be a ferocious foe who would love to take another stab at Sami and Eve. Stefan and Chloe are getting closer, Gabi is still a thorn in his side, Kate and Victor are getting chummy much to Maggie’s chagrin. Maggie has fallen off the wagon, and Rafe and Hope appear to be kaput. Yeah, there is a lot of chaos in Salem right now, and the fact that Kate spotted Xander and Nicole screams wonders. Once that woman gets an instinct she never lets go. C’mon Kate Roberts don’t disappoint the viewers.

Why Rafe has been coy on accepting the Police Commissioner job I will never know. I mean at best you can work your angle from the inside, but I assume it’s to not feel like a backstabber to Hope. Oh, and it’s pretty clear that Nicole is actually Kristen, which raises the question if Nicole is truly dead or being held captive somewhere?