SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, July 8, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SF Rec and Park) shared information about the reopening of the McLaren Bike Park. The park is currently open from Thursday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

McLaren Bike Park is located at 2050 Sunnydale Avenue. It is also the first Bicycle Motocross and Mountain Biking Park in the city of San Francisco. MBP is managed by SF Rec and Park.

According to a statement on SF Rec and Park website, McLaren Bike Park was designed by Alpine Bike Parks which is a company providing design and build services. MBP opened for business in October 2017. The features of the bike park include the bikes skills trail for beginners and mountain biking pump park. MBP also created a fun atmosphere for kids to learn biking.

“Because the Bike Park is the first of its kind in San Francisco, it is designed to accommodate riders of all skill-levels, along with experienced Recreation staff on site to offer free skills training so unlike any other parks, the Bike Park provides an especially safe and fun environment for kids to learn and practice riding bike,” reads a statement from SF Rec and Park website.

The statement notes that McLaren Bike Park has already reopened its doors to welcome the bikers back since Thursday, July, 2. The park provides parking and restrooms for their customers.

For more details on McLaren Bike Park, visit the park’s website or email at