HOLLYWOOD—I love a great B-movie; one of those flicks that is so silly, so overtop, but so enthralling no matter how maddening what is appearing on the screen you cannot take your eyes off the screen. I personally think this is a rarity in the cinematic universe, but lately I’m starting to see a resurgence of such flicks. Movies that do not take themselves too seriously and as a result, they tend to be the most entertaining of the bunch. Well let’s usher in “The Meg” because it might be one of the most entertaining bad movies I’ve seen in years at the multiplex.

Let me be clear for those thinking this is the evolution of “Jaws” it is not. “Jaws” was a flick that worked simply because it was unlike anything of its time and it delivered suspense and thrills in a way that was NEVER seen in cinema before its arrival. I have heard some comparisons of “The Meg” to the 1999 action-thriller “Deep Blue Sea” and that is warranted to say the least. I would say “Deep Blue Sea” was somewhat more aware of its intention to the audience about mixing science with nature.

However, I would argue “The Meg” is “Deep Blue Sea” on steroids. Why? It’s about a massive, and I mean Uber massive shark that was believed to be extinct. But just like with science, when people go explore they sometimes find things or unleash things they never expected. This leads the audience to the introduction of action-star Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor, a rescue diver who goes toe-to-toe with this massive shark. Look, you have to suspend reality while watching “The Meg” as a spectator; and by doing so it makes the movie that much more entertaining.

We have crazed scientists, dumb characters, epic action sequences, stunts galore, explosions and visuals that will leave you aghast. The film has a stellar supporting cast in Rainn Wilson, Winston Chao, Robert Taylor, Masi Oka and Ruby Rose. In addition to Statham as our lead male, we have Li Bingbing as our heroine portraying Suyin Zhang. The chemistry between Statham and Bingbing works very well for the movie. You might suspect the pairing would be off, but it’s not; it works seamlessly.

“The Meg” is so enthralling because the ocean and the water itself is a great mystery with unchartered territories for many. We really don’t know what is out there or what lies beneath and in its haunting way “The Meg” pierces into our psyche to remind us of that. Could what we see really exist? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t species out there we haven’t discovered. There are indeed places man cannot and should not visit and “The Meg” makes that crystal clear.

This movie is a ton of fun delivering laughs, thrills, shocks and cheesy dialogue that will make you laugh more than witty dialogue in a comedy. “The Meg” was the summer surprise movie that I never expected. I went into the theater with little to no expectations, and left the theater with the biggest grin and smile on my face. I was more entertained than I ever expected and that is the sign of a good movie if you ask me.