HOLLYWOOD—I was so excited to learn that “Twinsters” was going to be on Netflix, I had to check it out. As a documentary lover, especially when it comes to forging long, lost relationships, I have been looking forward to viewing the film and finally got the chance this week.

“Twinsters” released on July 17 at select cinemas, follows the lives of two young women, who years before, never new each other existed. Their story, although familiar, is quite odd, but a unique as well.

The story follows the life of 25-year old Samantha Futerman, a New Jersey-bred actress, currently living in Los Angeles and her sister, Anais Bordier, a French fashion student. Anais takes to Youtube and contacts Futerman, after discovering her in a Wong Fu Productions video. Taken aback by the idea that she has a someone who literally looks exactly like her, Futerman then responds back via Facebook. And the rest is history.

Futerman, who’s featured in film, “Everything Before Us” and “Memoirs of a Geisha,” narrates the compelling story as they both navigate their new roles as sisters. Anais, who’s worked for fashion houses, such as Jean Galliano and Gerard Darel exchanges and shares flights with her sister throughout this compelling story of lost, discovery and a new friendship, with lots of flier miles.

Learning that both were born by the same mother in South Korea, both were also adopted by two different sets of parents, lending to two drastically different lifestyles. The sisters, without a shared past, learn to look to the future and create new memories. Though the twins are born worlds apart, with Anais’ European upbringing and Samantha’s American one, the sisters somehow forge a bond that can only be brought together with love.

The movie has already proven to be a tearjerker for some, with some pretty charming moments.  Although heartwarming and leaves you feeling great about the movie, it also shows how anything is possible in this unpredictable life that we live in. I even found myself jealous of the sisterly bond, having grown up without one. However, “Twinsters” is definitely one to watch and proves that blood is thicker than thousands of miles and years of separation.