SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed Mental Health SF with a unanimous decision on Tuesday, December 10. 

The new piece of legislature is meant to allocate city funding to building infrastructure that will provide proper mental health care for the homeless, insured or uninsured individuals, and people suffering from substance use disorders.

The mental health initiative, sponsored by Mayor London Breed did not receive any opposition, but plans to fund the new piece of legislature are not clear. The information on Mental Health SF website states, “Mental Health SF shall not become operative until either the City’s budget has exceeded the prior year’s budget by 13%, or the voters have approved a tax that will sufficiently finance the program, or the Board of Supervisors has approved the appropriation of general funds to finance the program.”

San Francisco residents could see a potential tax on the ballot to fund the Mental Health SF initiative. The CEO tax, which is a tax on the wealthy could one way that Mental Health SF is funded, but it will take upwards of $100 million annually to fund the program.

Lawmakers say a more comprehensive plan is in progress and will reach the ballot for voters come 2023.