PASADENA—In a pro Mexico crowd, a exciting soccer game was played between Mexico and the United States, with Mexico winning a thrilling 3-2 in extra time.

The green, red and white of the “visiting” Mexican fans outnumbered the Americans with roughly an 8-1 ratio. The Yanks gave it all they had, but could not clear the scoring zone where Mexico did most of it’s damage. This is how the game ended, with the US team unable to clear the ball and a half volley was blasted into the net for the game winner.

Attendance was 93,723 people and was orderly for the most part, the horns were blaring and the crowd came out early and was extremely loud.

A minor melee broke out in the 34th minute, but seemed to be the only ugly thing that happened during the game. For winning the CONCACAF championship cup, Mexico earned a spot in the Russian Confederate Cup.

A Mexico or USA fan could agree on one thing, a great time was had by all. VIVA LA MEXICO! Congratulations on a spirited effort which ultimately led to victory.