HOLLYWOOD—It seemed like for a moment that Mia Rosales was nothing more than an afterthought on the CBS soap “The Young And Restless,” after nearly killing Lola and sleeping with Rey’s brother Arturo. However, not so fast America, Mia is back and she is seething red with the thought that her ex is sleeping with her enemy, Sharon. The two ladies shared a few words when Mia learned that Rey had officially moved on, with the one woman who she knew was a threat as soon as she came to Genoa City.

In the midst of their spar of words, Mia started to experience pains, where the audience was under the guise that her fake pregnancy might be exposed, but surprise, she is indeed pregnant. While normally this would be good news for Mia, the fact that Rey know she slept with Arturo changes everything. Why? She could have utilized this turn of events to continue to charade that the baby was Rey’s even though she wasn’t 100 percent certain. We now know for a FACT she has no idea who could be the father of her child.

That is not the worse of things because Paul wants Rey back on the force, but with one caveat: solve the case involving who attacked Lola Rosales. Yeah, Paul, Rey already knows who committed the crime it was his wife Mia. Rey has given her an alibi, but has summoned Arturo to verify that all is accurate. Rey this one might blow up in your face.

This will indeed be an interesting dynamic to play out because it’s quite evident that Nick and Sharon are long over, and the same applies for Phyllis and Nick as well. Relationships are indeed falling apart big time in Genoa City. Lily decided to serve Cane with divorce papers and he seemed to be rattled by the news. I don’t understand why? You cheated on Lily not once, but twice. The first time you had a baby, the second time, you kissed the woman who tanked your career, as well as Lily’s at the same time in Victoria.

I think this is the soap’s way of writing Lily’s portrayer Christel Khalil out of the show, as she was bumped to recurring status, and we all know Cane doesn’t have much of a storyline going on right now at all. So I would say it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing the Ashby family much on the screen in the coming weeks.

Another character about to get a major facelift is Phyllis, who is being replaced with original portrayer Michelle Stafford. I loved Gina Tognoni; she made Phyllis a character of her own, but the original Phyllis may not have done a lot of the things that Tognoni’s Phyllis indulged in. The current Phyllis is more sinister, while the old Phyllis was sinister, but you never hated her if that makes sense.

Phyllis has LOST EVERYTHING, and dare I say it’s karma for all her devious deeds recently and it was fun to see her fall from grace. On top of that, she is back to her old antics, setting a trap for Kyle and Lola while she takes Summer out of town. Kyle and Lola are like to lovesick puppies and the attraction between the two grew to epic proportions this week.

Another face audience’s should expect to see in the near future is Adam Newman, yes Adam is coming back, but by a new portrayer, as Justin Hartley is busy doing great things on the NBC series “This is Us” and appearing on the big screen. It will be fun to see how the wicked Newman returns to Genoa City and what plans he has for his family.