SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Millennium Tower passed the inspector test and has been deemed safe for residents to live in, the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection indicated.

The Millennium Tower has made headlines for reports indicating its foundation has been sinking and tilting. According to reports,  the 58-story downtown skyscraper has sunk nearly 16 inches into a landfill and is tilting about 2 inches. Tenants have filed multiple complaints to the developers and the city.

With the increase of complaints, the city hired the Department of Building Inspection, to conduct a thorough inspector investigation of the building. Previous violations from December 2, 2016 and January 11, 2017 were fixed. The inspector discovered evidence of stress on the electrical wiring system.

“There was no evidence of life-safety concerns observed during the inspection,” the report stated. “The building is safe to occupy at this time.”

The Millennium Tower is worth an estimated $350 million is home to multimillion condos and celebrities, including San Francisco 49ers former quarterback, Joe Montana.

Its also home to Paula Pretlow who told NBC News about the foul orders in her apartment. “I am furious — I don’t want to be here,” said Paula Pretlow, who lived on the 31st floor of the troublesome building since 2012.