SAN FRANCISCO—The San Franciscan real estate scene will soon be put in the television spotlight with Wednesday’s premiere of Bravo’s new reality show “Million Dollar Listing” San Francisco. It is the fourth installment of the popular series, previously set in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

The premise of the show pits prominent real estate agents in a competition to outsell each other, while also telling the personal stories of the buyers and sellers.

San Francisco's market will be featured in the new installment of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing.
San Francisco’s market will be featured in the new installment of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.

In this installment, the three realtors featured are Justin Fichelson, Andrew Greenwell, and Roh Habibi. Each realtor will bring their own unique personality, experience, and philosophy to selling that will help fuel the competition between them. Fichelson, a native of San Francisco, promised the viewers that they would be in for some drama throughout the show’s run. “The market is super-competitive these days, and when things get competitive, people sometimes overstep their boundaries.”

The San Francisco market Fichelson acknowledges is well-known by the residents of the city to be experiencing unprecedented rises in housing and rent rates, thanks in part to the influence of the Silicon Valley. Clients featured on the show will not be everyday home hunters, but well-off buyers only interested in the priciest homes on the market.

The original “Million Dollar Listing” Hollywood, premiered back in 2006 and was renewed for an eighth season in March 2015. The spin-off set in New York was nominated for an Emmy Award as Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program in 2014.

San Francisco was green-lit by Bravo back in July 2014 and began production in October. It is produced by World of Wonders the same production company behind the popular reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The show’s premiere episode titled ‘The New Gold Rush’ will air Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.