SAN FRANCISCO—The hottest item on San Francisco’s Mission Street are piñatas of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Piñatas made in the likeness of the Republican candidate have been flying off the shelves since being introduced at the Mission Street business Discount City. The item is being sold at a smaller size, priced at $20, as well as a larger size.

The store’s owner, who has chosen to remain unidentified, has expressed that the piñata is intented purely out of humor and political satire. He also stated that he is not a supporter of the candidate.

One of the Trump pinatas is being destroyed by a Trump protester during a demonstration in San Francisco’s Mission Street on July 19

Several people on Twitter have also expressed their support of the product. “I really want the Donald Trump piñata for my birthday,” tweeted one user. “Donald Trump piñata? Yes, I’ll take one to join in on the fun,” commented another.

The Mission Street area has one of the largest Latino populations in the San Francisco.  It has been the location of various protests against the presidential hopeful, including a protest back in July where at least one Trump piñata was destroyed by participants.

Trump has been criticized for his comments antagonizing Mexicans, as well as for some of his proposed presidential policies that target illegal immigrants in the country.

Among those policies include building a wall more than 1,900 miles in length along the U.S./Mexico border that he intends to make Mexico pay for. He has also proposed to revoke the citizenship status of all children born from illegal immigrants and deport the more than 11 million undocumented citizens that currently live in the U.S.

He recently made headlines for kicking out prominent Hispanic news anchor Jorge Ramos of Univision from a press conference after Ramos began to question Trump about his immigration policies. Ramos was allowed back into the conference to continue his questioning.

Trump is expected to expand on his immigration policies during the next GOP presidential nomination debate on September 16.