SAN FRANCISCO—A 25 year-old mother and her three year-old son were attacked inside their home on the 300 block of Ordway Street in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood on Monday, July 31, just before 7:00 p.m., authorities reported.

The suspect, only identified as a male, invaded the woman’s home and threatened to kill her and her son and set the home on fire. Officers received a phone call from the residence; the caller was reportedly screaming. They arrived on scene around 6:43 p.m. Upon arrival, they knocked at the front gate, which no one answered. The young boy could be seen from the window and officers asked him to open the gate. The mother then appeared at the window and tossed the keys to the officers standing outside.

When they entered the home, the officers noticed a table which was set on fire. One officer captured and detained the suspect while another grabbed a fire extinguisher.

The woman informed police that after invading her residence, the suspect grabbed her hair, dragged her into another room, grabbed her wrist, then pushed her to the ground. He demanded to know the location of an unspecified individual who did not live at her home. According to reports, she ran into the bedroom where her toddler was, which prompted the suspect to chase her with a knife in hand, threatening to murder her and set the house ablaze.

The identities of the victims and suspect have not been released, but authorities have disclosed that the suspect was booked on suspicion of several felony charges.