UNITED STATES─If being in a lockdown was not enough stress, tack on the fact that we have Mother’s Day fast approaching. I did not forget about the holiday, but I would be lying if I didn’t fully admit I did slightly forget how fast it was approaching. I’m a firm believer that Mother’s Day is that one day that you let mom do or have whatever it is that she wants. I do believe moms tend to receive the short-end of the stick because so many of us think our mother doesn’t want to be pampered.

I mean I cannot tell you how many times my mom tells me that she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day, but I know in the depths of my hearts that is not true. I mean I’ve always wanted to take my mother, along with my siblings to a top-notch, expensive nice restaurant for the holiday, but that is nearly impossible. Why? So many of us tend to work on that holiday and I cannot remember the last time my mother actually had that day off. When you’re an essential worker (is that what we call it today), or have a profession in an industry where the services you provide is a must, you cannot ignore doing what you have to do to serve the public.

With that said, the notion of going to a restaurant or treating mom to brunch, lunch or dinner is OUT OF THE QUESTION people! Its just is not possible in this current world that we live in right now. Perhaps in a few months, I’ll ensure mom gets that treat. Now, I know a few moms who simply want the day to themselves. They don’t want anything, they just want to be left alone and have that free time to themselves people. It may not sound like much, but for many moms it’s having 24 hours of piece that is the best gift they can receive.

Now, if you’re ever told by mom, I don’t want anything that is a trick question people. Do not actually heed what you’re hearing. Mom wants something! She’s just wants you to figure out what that thing is. Throughout the year, in past months, weeks or days before the holiday, mom tends to hint at something in particular or a few things that she might want. My mother has indeed done that, and I’ve listened. My mother wants a high-end, designer purse, the problem is I’m having a ton of trouble locating that item people, but I have not given up, I’m going to make it happen and the fact that my mom has no idea she might be getting what she’s been hinting at for months, actually a few years, is all I need to feel at peace.

Yes, not everyone has the money to purchase that top-notch item and you should not feel pressured to do it. However, be creative on Mother’s Day! Don’t just purchase flowers, candy or a card or jewelry. Get your mother something she has never had or deliver her an experience that she will never forget that is key: do something out of the norm.

It will be a memory that mom will never forget and that is feeling you want to deliver to the woman who brought you into this world. It will be something your mother will never forget and trust me that is something you want to bring to the woman who works, cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids and does so much more that they rarely receive the accolades they deserve.

Written By Zoe Mitchell