HOLLYWOOD—By now, you all know that Andre DiMera met his maker on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” What is more alarming is not the fact that his death came unexpected; I mean rumors were running rampant about his demise for weeks before the actual murder transpired. However, the interesting development is trying to figure out the culprit responsible for Andre’s murder.

Look, the suspect list is staggering to say the least. We have Kate Roberts, Anna DiMera, Gabi Hernandez, Vivian Alamain, Chad DiMera and Stefan O. DiMera. Yes, each had culpability in wanting to take out Andre, but let’s be clear: I think all of these individuals are red herrings for the real suspect. Anna is looking guiltier by the minute considering the urn with her beloved Tony’s ashes was used to brutally kill Andre. Could I see Anna committing the crime? Yes, but the fact that all the evidence points directly to her, even the video footage makes things way too easy. It seems the person responsible for Andre’s death wanted to frame Anna, and I could absolutely see Kate, Vivian or Stefan pointing the finger in Anna’s direction to take suspicion off of them.

No way did Chad kill his brother. Yes, Chad can be somewhat ruthless at times, but family means a lot to the newlywed, and he wouldn’t just take out Andre like that. Gabi, while livid that Andre undercut her company from her, would never want to be separated from her family again after spending all that time behind bars for killing Nick years back. So that leaves Vivian, Stefan and Kate on the list.

Kate can be a treacherous woman, and while furious with Andre for betraying her regarding Gabi and secretly working with her enemy Vivian, she did develop a torch for the guy. So that leaves our top suspects as: Stefan and Vivian. With Stefan rigging the security footage to prevent any video of him and his mother being culpable in the murder, that should be a major red flag for Hope and Rafe. Oh, I forget these are two people who were responsible for murdering Stefano DiMera and covering up the crime. Still quite hypocritical of the two to be the head of the police department considering their past actions.

With all the suspects in play, I expect the writers to deliver a stunning reveal that will leave fans gasping for more. This brings our attention to the next big story in Salem: Lani’s pregnancy. J.J. is on cloud nine with the thought of becoming a father and with news spreading about Lani’s pregnancy, it’s clear she is concerned that Eli could be the father of her bundle of joy. The big problem with that is J.J. has no idea, nor does Gabi. I mean Gabi has been dealt some shocking blows lately, so when the reveal of Lani and Eli’s tryst comes to light it can push both J.J. and Gabi over the edge.

There is also that mystery regarding Patch being poisoned by John Black of all people. John is acting weird, but the question remains just why would John poison his pal? Well, we know John is not doing it because he wants to, he is being forced to. Who is the mastermind pulling the strings? Fingers crossed we get an answer in coming weeks. Oh, another familiar face from the past returned this week when Carrie returned to town to help her mother and father who are in a bit of a bind people.

Carrie didn’t just come to save Roman and Anna, but dropped to Rafe she is well aware of his fling with her sister Sami. Rafe, it might be time for you to reveal the truth to your fiancé, because the longer that you wait the worse things will become when the truth is unearthed. Could we see more blackmail in Rafe’s future? Hmm, it certainly seems so. And for those thinking Sonny and Will would have that happily ever-after, forget about it? Why? Will served Sonny with divorce papers, and he’s getting closer with Paul now that they are working on that case to find out precisely what John Black is up to.

I mean both “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives” have killed off major characters, just in time for February sweeps, could we see similar storylines explode on “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful?” Time will tell.