SAN FRANCISCO — The Museum of Ice Cream celebrated its one year anniversary in San Francisco this week announcing that it will be keeping it’s doors open permanently in San Francisco.

The Museum of Ice Cream first opened in Manhattan, New York as a pop up museum that lasted 45 days. It found its first permanent home in San Francisco due to high demand from locals and tourists who visit the establishment.

The Museum of Ice Cream has sold out month after month since making its debut in fall 2017. Over 500,000 visitors, from 65 different countries have experienced the MOIC.

The MOIC acronym does only stand for Museum of Ice Cream, but represents the Movement of Imagination and Connection. MOIC and the pink army encourages everyone no matter the age, to be creative and to use their imagination and connect with others.

One of the challenges when visiting the Museum of Ice Cream is hugging, which garners points. According to the Pink Army, at the end, the person with the most points gets a magical prize.

There are many installations throughout the museum that provide visitors with opportunities. The swings are the first thing you will see after getting unlimited samples. According to the Pink Army, the swings are meant to swing individuals into the childhood state of mind.

Most of the guides that walk participants through help build all the installations. “I painted all these leaves,” said Mint Chip Nick to San Francisco News. All of the members of the pink army have a unique ice cream name. The #TEAMMOIC or the Pink Army is made up of over 150 locals and is expected to grow.

The Museum has plans to have an opportunity for adults 18 years or older to enjoy the “big kid” experience this fall with tickets after 7:30 p.m.

In 2019, the museum will have new installations and flavors of ice cream to continue to bring visitors around the world. They currently have seven flavors all available at the pint shop for $4.99, along with other merchandise.

MOIC has a few partnerships including a line with Sephora that was released on Thursday, September 20. The Museum of Ice Cream has partnered with Target and American Express. The MOIC is open Wednesday – Monday and is located at 1 Grant in San Francisco.

Tickets are available at for $38 per person and children 2 and under get in for free.