HOLLYWOOD—Its May sweeps and storylines are hitting a feverish pitch on some of your favorite soaps, especially Emmy award-winning “General Hospital.” The big plotline of the hour is the mysteries of little Jake and the backstory of Jason Morgan who was MIA for several years before returning to his friends and family. We all know the wicked Helena Cassadine to be behind Jason’s mental programming, but why is Jake so afraid of his father?

This plot is so TWISTED. We’ve discovered the Chimera project is a massive clue to little Jake, Jason, Helena and now the wickedly evil Valentin. At first I was surprised with that conversation between Anna um Alex and Valentin about the Chimera project, but the more I think about it, I’m not; its Valentin people! This guy is so charmed by Anna um Alex (yeah, this twin twist is not really surprising). I hate twin twist, when you can spot it a mile away. Everyone and I mean everyone knows that Anna is not herself including Andre, Jordan, Nathan, Dante and even Valentin for that matter.

It is time for the writers to FINALLY unveil the long-lost past been Valentin and Anna/Alex, because at this point the story is getting slightly stale. However, one caveat is that it’s causing a normally composed Nina to solely unravel. She knows the connection between Valentin and Anna is strong, but she suspects a secret tryst in play. Considering what levels of vengeance she went through to ensure Silas paid for his tryst with Ava, there is no telling what Nina might do this time around.

Liz and Franco have been trying their best to break-through little Jake. His closed off, but he was petrified of what his father previously looked like. Not to mention his recent drawing of the Chimera, which Jason discovered in Jake’s little storybook, including the scarecrow. Jason suspects he did something wrong to his son during those 2 years where his memory has gone MIA.

I mean we even witnessed that disturbing nightmare where he had his son in a choke-hold. So there is some fact to the fact that Jason may have physically hurt or tortured his son in some fashion.  The big mystery is pulling both Franco and Jason to Cassadine Island to uncover the big secret. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this storyline pays off in the long run.

The Jason-Jake mystery isn’t the only drama in Port Charles; a big tale is the impending divorce battle between Carly and Sonny. Yes, things are turning ugly people. I’m baffled that Carly is so angry with Sonny for seeking revenge against Jax for actually blowing up their lives with the whole Nelle fiasco. If Jax would have told the truth when he first knew Nelle was in town, none of this madness would have transpired. Jax is not innocent in any of this and Carly needs to acknowledge this.

However, the fact that Sonny slept with Carly’s divorce lawyer was quite hilarious. It’s a plot point that Ava Jerome is hoping to utilize her advantage to get custody of her daughter. Ava, you have done so much dirt, stop while you’re ahead. She thinks the Morgan pill swap fiasco is all over; unfortunately Dr. Andre Maddox is investigating those pills and is well aware something is off, but is keeping things tight-lipped until he proves it. Oh, Ava, your dirty little secret is about to come to life and when it is revealed the wrath you endure will be unlike anything you’re encountered in the past people.

The Nurses Ball is coming and what surprises could we expect. Rumor mill has some explosive confrontations and the return of some familiar faces!