HOLLYWOOD—It looks like the powers that be on the ABC soap “General Hospital” is ready to bring back one of its greatest villains of all time in Cesar Faison. How would I know this? Well, the rumblings of Cesar have been imminent for weeks, especially with his daughter Britt making a return to the canvas, just as Sonny, Jason and Spinelli put the pieces of the puzzle together to learn Faison’s role in the Jason/Drew mix-up.

Last week was just the beginning of utter madness because after years of wondering, audiences finally learned who Nathan’s father is! Let’s just say Nathan is not a Cassadine, he is a Faison. Yup, Obrecht was finally forced to reveal the truth to her son, who was delivered a crushing blow, not to mention Maxie going into utter shock realizing that a man who has tortured her family has genetic ties to her unborn baby. While the reveal is not out, there is still plenty more secrets in the background.

Lulu, our new aspiring reporter wants to draw Faison out of hiding. So what is her genius plan? She wants to write a tell-all piece about Nathan and his connection to Cesar Faison. It’s something Nathan is game for, but Maxie not so much. You know who else is happy about the piece, Peter August. Hmm, this guy is a wild card to say the least. Sonny, Spinelli and Jason are certain Faison has another son lurking out there, the one who has been coined a traitor and is also known as ‘P.K. Sinclair.’

Spinelli is indeed a genius, because his tech skills gave him an email address to the guy who could be Faison’s other offspring. My gut instinct is telling me that guy is Peter. While some might think this is a shocking twist, it really isn’t. A bigger twist would be if the traitor was someone already in Port Charles and a face we least expected, let’s say: Franco. Now that is a way to leave audiences speechless. Spinelli is good and getting a reaction, as the traitor didn’t mind chatting with him, but the audience is still waiting for that confirmation. With all that madness taking place it’s a nice departure to learn that Laura and Ned will go to battle to become the newest Mayor of Port Charles. Looks like Julian might also be getting over Alexis thanks to Kim. This will only be further complicated as its evident Alexis id addicted to Julian.

Nelle is proving to be a thorn in Carly’s side, but I seriously doubt she’ll get a chance to manifest her latest plan to stay in good graces with the family. Why? She is now working for Ava Jerome, and that is a cold-hearted woman. Speaking of Ava, her journey to restore her beauty took an epic turn this week on the soap. Why? She faced an alternate reality where she was forced to face her past misdeeds and there were plenty: killing Connie, switching Morgan’s pills, should I go on? This is an interesting development to say the least because Bryan Craig hasn’t been seen on the soap in years, so for him to make a special appearance means the character could soon be returning to the soap and that will deliver so many surprises to Port Charles characters.

I’m eager to see Faison return to PC, because just imagine his interaction with Obrecht, but best of all imagine the moment when he comes face-to-face with Anna Devane. Now that is glorious television that is certain to deliver some epic “GH” moments!