UNITED STATES—Here we go again. Gosh, I would love to go just one week where the conversation is not centered on Donald Trump and something stupid or controversial that he may or may not have said. I swear in my nearly 3 decades plus of living I can’t recall a president that has caused so much ire in the Oval Office. Rather it’s purposely or just the fact that he lacks inexperience, it is not a good look for the United States of America.

I hope I’m not the only person losing respect for the Oval Office or the notion of what it means to be the President of the United States of America, but I’m starting to, and I wish I wasn’t. Last week in a closed meeting, POTUS Donald Trump may have utilized some comments that were deemed inappropriate and downright racist from those who heard the words directly from the Commander in Chief themselves. Look I’ll just point this out: we don’t know for precision what was and what was not said! We don’t have actual recordings of what was said word from word in the meeting (then again we might, but those details are not being leaked).

My concern is that if you have so many people saying he DID and then those saying he DID NOT, there has to be some truth in their to some degree. Trump has denied the claims, but I seriously think this is a time where he has really placed himself in some hot water, and he’s clawing to get himself out of it. I mean the talk now is centered on rather he’ll have the power to get immigration reform policies passed, not to mention this concern yet again about a government shutdown. I mean why in the HELL do we even have politicians in office if every year it seems we have this conversation about the government potentially shutting down. The sad thing is it actually happened once a few years ago. Trump needs to be more aware of his words; how he delivers them and what he actually says. This is not “The Apprentice,” you’re not working for Trump Tower or one of your many companies.

You now work for the American people, and you better be damned you will be held accountable for your actions. When you say stupid stuff people will question your character, when you emit comments that raise questions of rather you’re racist or prejudice you’re going to have to answer to them. I mean where the hell is Vice President Mike Pence in all of this madness? Hey Pence, it might not be a bad idea to pull your colleague aside and have a bit of a chat with him.

This is the frustrating element with politics; you always have division between the parties, but for the first time in a very long time it appears we have a leader who has caused so much strife and division within his OWN PARTY; it is only fueling more ammunition and that is not a good thing. Unification is how things get down, but with this ever-ending rollercoaster of questionable and stupid comments being made by our leader every single week, we already know why the country is divided.

I seriously hope the POTUS is not aiming to divide the country further than what it already is. I might not be a fan of Donald Trump, but I’m doing my best to give the guy a shot, but every single time I turn around he does something that makes one say enough is enough. How many chances can you give someone before you realize what you see is what you get?