HOLLYWOOD—NBA star and former Golden State Warriors basketball player Nick Young was arrested on Friday, August 24, after failing to comply with police officers during a routine traffic stop in Hollywood.

Young, 33, was driving when he stopped by officers during at a traffic stop at 11:55 p.m. After refusing to cooperate with officers he was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. TMZ released a video of the basketball star yelling at officers “Am I resisting?” while being handcuffed and placed into a police cruiser.

Young was taken into custody, but later released a couple hours later on a $10,000 bail. The car he was driving was also impounded. Young is scheduled to appear in court on September 19. This is not the first time Young has been stopped by police, in 2016, he was pulled over while driving in Hollywood and cited for playing his music at a disruptive volume.

Young, who goes by the nickname Swaggy P, is currently a free agent. He won his first NBA title with the Golden State Warriors in June. He began his basketball career in high school and continued after he signed with the University of California in 2004.

After completing his junior year, Young entered the NBA draft was selected the 16th overall pick by the Washington Wizards. Young has played 11 seasons in the NBA, with four different teams being the Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden State Warriors.

Written By Nina Garza