SAN FRANCISCO—On February 6, an NBC Bay Area TV news crew in San Francisco’s SOMA District were robbed of their cameras by two individuals who drove off in a dark colored Lexus.

The two suspects claimed to have been armed during the robbery and threatened the news crew to hand over the cameras. According to the victims, they drove off in the direction toward the Bay Bridge.

The San Francisco Police Department were able to apprehend the Lexus after they were given the license plate & descriptions of the suspects. Through following up on the license plate, officers were able to locate the Treasure Island home of suspects of a 20 year-old and 15 year-old who were apprehended and later released pending further investigation. A nearby white Honda was also stopped by authorities, as they determined it was connected to the robbery. 

Inside the Honda, officers found the NBC camera and another camera that had been reported stolen earlier that day. Ronnell Edward Johnson, 18,  and Romell Boyland, 21, were both charged with possession of stolen property, conspiracy and the latter for violating conditions of probation as well.

The camera was returned to the NBC Bay Area TV news crew.