HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been waiting for this moment, and “General Hospital’ is not disappointing. Nelle Benson has been doing some dirty things in Port Charles since her arrival. She had a set agenda, and didn’t defer from it for one minute. She hates Carly Corinthos with a passion, and made it her mission to take down the mob bosses’ wife any way possible. Her tactic to use Morgan’s demise to drive Carly insane was sick, twisted and downright devious, but it has worked.

Carly was committed to Ferncliff, but Nelle never expected a face from her past to cause her to unravel. Detective Harrison Chase knows Janelle aka Nelle all too well. We know understand a bit more about Chase and his focus to not veer from ensuring justice was served. Nelle was responsible for tanking his career when he was investigating her potential role in the death of her hubby Zack. Chase fell for the damsel in distress and as a result he got burnt big time.

Michael, wanting to see the good in Nelle is starting to discover this woman is not who he thinks she is. He discovered after utilizing that software that Spinelli installed on Nelle’s computer that that package from Florida was NOT from Chase, it was Nelle who sent it to herself. Yes, the woman sure knows how to cover her tracks, but Michael now knows for certain that Nelle is up to know good! I wonder how Michael will react when he learns the truth, I mean look what he did to Sonny after learning that he shot and killed AJ? The kid has a temper people, and Nelle should be afraid to say the least.

Speaking of enemies, Nelle can also add Ava Jerome to the list. Ava and her BFF chatted about the leverage they both had on each other. Ava indulged in her taunts, but be careful because you have evidence that can incriminate you in the melee. Nelle is no novice to conspiring a scheme and I’m certain when the fire explodes, Ava will get caught in the web and it will not look pretty for her. Ava is a busy woman between confronting Dr. Bensch about harassing her daughter, to sensing something still lingering between Kiki and Griffin, Ava should be careful. Her world is about to explode in epic fashion, and like I said before she has gotten away with murder TWICE, its times for her to discover you reap what you sew.

Carly is indeed being tested at Ferncliff, but luckily she has Jason by her side. The enforcer was able to land a job as a janitor to keep an eye on Carly and just what is transpiring behind the scenes. I mean there is a nurse from hell, and her security detail (as I’d like to call him) who is ready to do whatever she asks. I mean I couldn’t imagine being in Carly’s shoes. How do you prove your sanity when everyone expects your insanity? Yeah, a mental institution is the one place where a sane person can be driven insane. This brings me to perhaps the juiciest tidbit to date, Kevin has his nose in on Jason’s plan, but he seems quiet about that screaming patient inside Ferncliff. So much to the point that Jason was exposed and booted from the facility, just as this mystery patient attempted to communicate with Carly. Who the hell is his person and why such secrecy from Dr. Kevin Collins? If the writers are bringing back a face from the past, it doesn’t seem to be Heather Webber. It seems to be a guy, but just off past history no actual names come to immediate attention, but could Morgan Corinthos be the mystery guy?

Whoever it is I’m guessing will play a larger role in some “GH” storyline in the coming weeks. We still have the impending relationship drama involving Julian, Alexis and Kim. Julian and Kim are getting closer, but Alexis might be a thorn in the mix. Anna and Finn are not a couple, after months of dancing far too long. Nina is still giving the cold shoulder to Valentin over his knowledge about Peter and his role in Nathan’s death. This is interesting because I sense Valentin will be the person to uncover what Liesl and Nina are secretly holding. Not to mention the latest development with Anna’s disappearance/kidnapping.

Peter isn’t have a good time, Obrecht is torturing him to no end, while Nina is starting to question her aunt’s role in making Peter suffer to no end. I mean I was certain Julian and Kim would find him after he screamed his lungs after that rattlesnake nearly struck, but people in the soap world are so clueless. In due time, Peter will be found because Sam and Curtis are closing in on a target, and Nina is starting to unravel. I think however, it will be Obrecht who slips.

She has already hinted to Anna that she’ll never see her son again, so two enemies who were semi-cordial are back at each other’s throats. Gotta say this is interesting to watch because it raises the question of what will happen when Peter is indeed found. It’s not like he can just walk around Port Charles as if nothing happened? However, the sooner this mystery patient is revealed the more intrigued I will be. It has to be good if the writers are keeping such a tight-lip on things?