HOLLYWOOD—This is a show that so many people slept on, I honestly cannot believe it. I’m referring to the Starz hit “Power.” Yes, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but once you watch an episode or two, trust me, you will binge watch an entire season or the entire series until you get caught up. Season four of the series was a whirlwind, and I mean whirlwind of utter mayhem. Tariq, Ghost’s son has been the catalyst of most of the mayhem last season, as well as this current season.

Why? He got entangled with some thugs and the wrong crowd and as a result his sister, Raina (was shot and killed). Oh, it was chaotic because audiences had expected an epic climax between Ghost and Kanan since that cliffhanger at the end of season two. Like where in the world do you get a TV show, where two mortal enemies have to align in order to take out an even bigger threat? Only “Power” people!

They always say like father like son, and that echoes more now than ever because Tariq has indeed entered his father’s world after killing Ray Ray, seeking vengeance for his sister’s death. If you ever thought the St. Patrick clan was a mess before, it is truly a mess now. The fifth season kicked off with the premiere episode, ‘Everyone is Implicated,’ where a war is brewing between Dre and Kanan, and everyone who knows these two are about to be tangled in this web. Angela, who was on the top of the world with her recent promotion found herself immediately tangled back into Ghost’s orbit as she investigated the disappearance, aka murder of undercover cop Raymond Jones.

Very interesting development, it looks like Angela might have a detective who has her eye on her. Dre discovered that Raymond is MIA, which would only lead to further fallout. Tasha asked Keisha to be her alibi, which prompted her pal to dig deeper for the truth, but secretly she already knew the answer to her question! It was actually a treat to see Kanan, Tommy and Ghost all working together, just like in the past.

It looks like Sacks is doing his best to steal Angela’s job from underneath her. Angela was forced to confront Tasha about the death of Ray Ray. Tasha tried to do her best to deflect, but Angela is one smart cookie and Tasha cracked revealing that Tariq killed the undercover cop. Angela was stunned by the revelation, there is just one slight problem: a bullet was found inside the apartment, and with that gun belonging to Tasha, her weapon is already in the system.

Dre is someone who likes to have his hands in way too many cookie jars, and he disclosed that he killed Julio to Chris. This episode really puts the viewer in a situation of how they would react if they lost a child. Ghost and Tasha were doing their best to stay strong in a horrible time, but seeing the preacher and this slick councilman try to one-up an opportunity to shine left me reeling.

Tommy was coy about Tariq’s involvement in Ray Ray’s demise, which pushed Kanan to dig slightly. He knows something is off about the situation. At long last, Tasha and Ghost forced Tariq to spill the tea about his dirty dealings. Yes, it was long overdue and I cheered at the TV screen seeing Ghost instill a bit of fear in his son, who wants to be a thug, not realizing that his action led to his sister’s death. When Tasha learned that Tariq forced his sister to keep quiet, it all came to fruition: secrets are not meant to be kept. Dre has a major target on his back. Good luck on getting that target to decrease Dre. I can’t believe this: Angela is actually going to delete that report of Tasha’s gun, just as her boss Tamika inquired about her whereabouts. Yeah, Angela you are in a pickle, there are plenty of people watching your every move: one misstep and you’re done. Tommy was livid after learning about the death of Father Julio, and Tommy suspected Dre was culpable. The ‘deadly trio’ as I like to call them attempted to ambush Dre and his gang, but they never expected gunfire to be unleashed on them. Ghost was shot, and it looked dire, but Kanan came to the rescue in the nick of time for Tommy and Ghost.

Angela offered to assist Joe with getting his law license back, which left him befuddled to say the least. Kanan, Tommy and Ghost devised a plan to nail Dre and Tommy went to work to utilize Vincent to implement the plan. This is going to backfire America, and not in a good way. Tasha begged Angela to assist her. Angela is weighing her options; she realizes helping Tasha could destroy not only her career, but her life. Perhaps the saddest moment of the episode was watching the St. Patrick family bid adieu to Raina during her funeral. What the hell? I have never seen a camera crew and photo opportunity at a funeral, and I really wanted Tommy to deck that councilman for being a complete a**.

I’m trying to wrap my ahead around why Tariq would warn Dre that he was in trouble, and through some miracle he was able to escape the clutches of what would have certainly been his demise. I just wonder how Tommy and Ghost will respond to learning that Tariq foiled their plans yet again. The kid is done playing with fire, he’s playing with gasoline. Those guys Tommy hired to nab Dre paid a horrible price for trying to score a job.

Angela went through with deleting that file, which means there is no more turning back. Terry realized that Tasha was lying, just as her mother spotted her daughter kissing Terry. The final moments of the episode saw Ghost saying farewell to his daughter, just as Dre decided to puff out his chest just as Ghost. There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone with an ego think they are untouchable, but with Tommy, Ghost and Kanan each receiving that card with a ‘web and a spider’ it’s a threat that doom is coming.  “Power” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.