HOLLYWOOD—Just when the audience thought they saw the last of Nelle Benson on “General Hospital,” the master manipulator returned this week to stand trial for her devious deeds. Look, Nelle is the villain that you love to hate. Chloe Lanier is so good at playing bad you have to tip your hat off to the actress. I was hoping she would be delivering some game-changing information considering we’re just 2 weeks away from November sweeps going into full effect.

However, things were tame, but Carly immediately picked up on that awkward interaction between Brad and Nelle. Nelle was smitten to see her baby boy, just as both Brad and Nelle came up with a cover story to explain how she knows about Wiley. Gosh, I was feigning for Nelle to drop some sort of hint about the baby to start to get Michael and Carly’s wheels spinning, but not so, at least not yet.

Nelle was sentenced and Chase gloated at his former lover getting a taste of her own medicine. Brad just couldn’t stay away from Nelle, if only he knew how dangerous that was. Nelle will use anything handed to her to get a bit of leverage, and Brad played with fire by taking Nelle and Michael’s son and passing him off as his own. If only Julian would reveal the truth that he knows eve if it causes Lucas a bit of hurt along the way.

The tension between Lulu and Maxie is amplifying and all because of Peter August of all people. If anything I thought Lulu might spark a relationship with Chase, but something now has me thinking it will be peter who claims her heart.

The tension between Kevin and Ryan is growing as the evil mastermind is working overtime to take over his brother’s life. Kevin, while in a straight-jacket is hoping someone, anyone would figure out he’s not been himself lately. It seems the only person well aware of ‘Kevin’s’ weird behavior is Laura. Laura knows Kevin is not himself and she hasn’t been able to shake that feeling that the hubby she knew before she left town is not the same guy. This is interesting because Ryan is very protective of Felicia, and it seems everyone in town is putting their foot in their mouth as they take digs directly at Ryan unaware they are speaking to him not his brother.

This unexpected relationship between Ava and Ryan has me utterly concerned. Ava is full of rage. She cannot stand the sight of Kiki and Griffin together; I mean they aren’t an actual couple, let’s take that back. The hot a hot and steamy encounter this week that solidified this is the new hot couple in PC.

The slight problem is if they decide to flaunt their relationship in the public sphere and Ava gets wind it will only fuel her rage that much more. Ava continues to speak to Franco, Scotty and anyone who will listen, including a serial killer about her hatred for Kiki. I mean Ryan even proposed for Ava to consider murdering Kiki, which she absolutely laughed at, but she thought he was serious for a moment. Little does she know Ryan would be willing to do so to bring Ava closer to her orbit as he unleashes whatever web of chaos that he has planned!

Ryan is smitten by Ava and that is very dangerous, just ask Felicia. So I can see this twisted storyline going into all places in coming weeks with Felicia and Ava being catalysts that motivate Ryan’s desire to kill. His biggest opponent will be Laura Spencer. She knows something is off with her hubby, the more Kevin tries to hid it the more evident it becomes to her something is not right. Spencer Cassadine’s sudden return to Port Charles only heightened Laura’s suspicions about Kevin aka Ryan, and the little one is already fitting in perfectly at his former home.