SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, September 4, the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture announced that San Francisco will have a drive-in theater located in Fort Mason. “FORT MASON FLIX” will begin screening movies on Friday, September 18.

On Friday, the FMCAC tweeted: “FALL FUN @ FORT MASON: thrilled to announce #FORTMASONFLIX, our pop-up drive-in theater starting Friday September 18, 2020! FORT MASON FLIX is San Francisco’s FIRST waterfront drive-in theater. For schedules & tickets, visit Thx to @DoTheBay @Xfinity.”

Tickets for the drive-in theater are available online for purchase through the FMCAC site. Tickets have been priced at $49 per vehicle. Movies will be screened through Sunday, October 18 on a 40-by-20-foot LED screen.

As of Friday at 7 p.m., the screening for “Minions” was sold out.

The FMCAC tweeted: “That was fast! #Minions is officially SOLD OUT! Grab your tickets for remaining #FORTMASONFLIX opening weekend shows -The Matrix, Xanadu, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Frozen, or Purple Rain – before they sell out, too! #driveinmovies #fmcac”

The profits from some of the screenings will be donated to non-profit organizations. FORT MASON FLIX  is requiring all individuals to wear a mask outside of their vehicles.