Silas and Ava

HOLLYWOOD—The soap arena has trouble introducing new characters to mix, especially enemies, but ABC’s “General Hospital” is doing a stellar job as it sets itself up for the impending November sweeps with the addition of several new and returning faces to the canvas. The entire battle for ELQ is finally coming to a head between Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliott) and A.J. Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) with the bombshell that Kiki (Kristen Alderson) is not Franco’s (Roger Howarth) daughter!

I didn’t expect the soap to take that route, but it became obvious with the revelation that Kiki and Michael (Chad Duell) have become extremely close over the weeks.  Them being cousins and continuing a relationship wouldn’t be well accepted by viewers so this is a welcome twist. This also creates an outflow of enemies for Connie (Kelly Sullivan) who decided to provide the evidence to her boss to print the scoop in the paper.  Not only is her mob boss lover Sonny (Maurice Benard) furious at her, she’s also made an enemy in Ava Jerome (Maura West).  Ava has been attempting to keep Kiki’s paternity a secret in her goal to obtain ELQ.  Not only has she manipulated her daughter, Franco and the entire Quartermaine family, but also the real father Silas (Michael Easton).

Silas and Ava have a steamy history and he speculated that Kiki may have been his daughter ever since laying eyes on the girl.  With Ava’s secret out, she is bound to be furious, did I forget to mention she is apart of the famed Jerome family empire; big wigs who controlled the Port Charles canvas back in the 80s.  Just when you thought Ava was all alone her brother Julian aka Derek Wells (William deVry) shows up in town.

No one knows Derek’s true identity except for Ava, but his former lover Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) knows the face.  Surprise, he’s the biological father of Sam (Kelly Monaco).  Sam is in a dire situation to find a bone marrow transplant to save her son Danny who is seriously ill.  The bombshell has not yet come out of the bag, but the audience is well aware of things.

This forces me to think that Connie/Kate will have a terrible demise, news has already leaked that Sullivan is leaving the “GH” canvas and there’s no better way to eliminate a character than with an explosive death.  Which means murder mystery!  Kiki will have a difficult choice to make with brothers Michael and Morgan (Bryan Craig) seeking her affections so who will she choose and how exactly will the other brother react to the decision?  We all know things won’t be good.

Speaking of villains this is the perfect setting for a mob boss fiasco involving Sonny Corinthos and the Jerome family.  Corinthos has controlled Port Charles for quite some time so for that power to be up for grabs may place many lives in peril including Anna (Finola Hughes) and Duke (Ian Buchanan) who are way too familiar with the violent dealings of the family.  Audiences should expect plenty of gunfire and dramatic reveals in the coming weeks, like when will Robin (Kimberly McCullough) return to the canvas?

Only her father and Jerry Jacks are aware of her survival, but Luke (Anthony Geary) and Holly (Emma Samms) could be close to discovering the truth thanks to the fact that he’s searching for a cure to his ailment.  Luke and Holly were shocked to discover that Jerry Jacks’ money for the cure was deposited to the account of Sean Donely (John Reilly) who is expected back on the canvas in the coming weeks.  This web of deception is expanding and I can only imagine what will happen next.

“General Hospital” is indeed putting together all the strands for several compelling storylines that will indeed provide viewers with explosive results.  “GH” airs weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

By LaDale Anderson