Medical Examiner Inherits Tons Of Cases


SAN FRANCISCO—When Dr. Michael Hunter takes over as the chief of the San Francisco’s Medical Examiner office, he will inherent 800 city-wide death cases.

Hunter, who starts the position in April, is the current chief medical examiner in Panama City, Florida. Hunter is slated to take over for current chief, Dr. Amy Hart, who stepped down from the job in March 2014, but has continued her work during the lengthy hunt for a new candidate.

The medical examiner’s office has a backlog of cases dating back to 2012.

City officials say the enormous back-up of cases that Hunter will be responsible for may have been the result of overly detailed individual examinations.

The cases Hunter will inherit date back as far as 2012, a violation of national industry standards that will be expected to be cleaned up once he officially enters office.