Birds Saved In Local Rescue Effort


SAN FRANCISCO—In a disturbing wildlife phenomenon, approximately 100 birds have been found dead in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Initially discovered on beaches on January 16, the birds’ feathers were covered in an unknown substance that has been described as a combination of rubber and cement.

A rescue effort has saved hundreds of birds from death.

Three different species have been victimized by the unknown substance, as scoters, buffleheads, and horned grebes have all turned-up dead.

Bird rescuers, baffled by the identity of the mysterious substance, have taken to combing the beaches and the surf for afflicted animals.

In total, 242 birds have been rescued by the International Bird Rescue Center in Fairfield. Volunteers are breaking-down the substance with baking soda and vinegar before cleaning the afflicted animals with soap.

City officials have stated that the grey-colored goo which is not a public health risk to humans, is likely a man-made substance that was dumped into the San Francisco Bay.