HOLLYWOOD—One of my favorite reality series on TLC has returned. Any guesses? I’m referring to “Little People, Big World” and there are some massive changes to the mix this season. News was released months ago that Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey would not be returning for the next season of the hit show that has been airing on the network since 2006. I really enjoyed this show in its early days because it just invited yourself into this family that not many Americans see on the small screen and it was a breath of fresh air if I’m being honest.

So the focus this season really seems to be on Amy and Matt, with their son Zach and his wife Tori still having a strong presence on the series. Yeah, some of you might be asking about the other Roloffs. Well Jacob has been off the series for quite some time, Molly’s presence greatly decreased after she headed off to college and got married and Jeremy and Audrey appeared on the past few seasons of the series before calling it quits.

While the dynamics might be different, the show still puts Roloff Farms front and center when it comes to the narrative. Matt and Amy have been divorced for 2 years at this time, but they still live on the farm together, but in separate residences. Amy has been dating Chris, while Matt is dating Karen. The couple who were married for more than 25 years have found new loves, but still butt heads when it comes to operating the farm. The episode was a big focus on the growth of Zach and Tori’s son Jackson who was celebrating his first birthday. Wow, that kid has grown so much since we last saw him on the small screen and it was so much fun seeing the Roloff celebrate Jackson’s first birthday.

Zach and Tori just purchased a new house and were in the process of selling their current home. Amy was grappling rather it was the right time to sell the farm and part ways with a property where she raised all her kids. It was quite evident that the tension between Matt and Amy was creating problems. It cannot be easy getting divorced and living 500 feet apart from the other person, while still trying to live your life and remain civil for business matters and for your kids. While there might be a bit of infighting, Matt and Amy came together to help Tori and Zach plan Jackson’s camp themed birthday.

It was quite hilarious watching Zach and Tori grocery shopping. Zach was a traditionalist, while Tori was thinking about covering all their bases when it came to ensuring they had enough food for Jackson’s birthday. A bit of foreshadowing is telling me that Tori will be right and Zach will be wrong. I actually thought Zach and Tori’s new abode was ready to move into, but that was not the case. Buying a house before selling the old one is not the best idea, but as Zach and Tori pointed out they saw something they liked and did not hesitate to make a move. Amy and Matt both gave advice to Zach about ensuring he gets things moving because paying two mortgages and double bills is no easy feat for anyone and it adds to the stress level.

The party was a success with the Roloff clan, including Jeremy and Audrey making an appearance for the shindig, even though they ran out of food. Point the finger at Zach for that mishap. At its core, it seems the critical point of the season will revolve around rather Matt and Amy finally decide to sell the farm or not and how it impacts the rest of the family moving forward. New episodes of “Little People, Big World” air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.