SAN FRANCISCO— San Francisco officials and the Port of San Francisco announced Wednesday Sept. 30 the opening of a new seven-acre bayfront park that seeks to open more public spaces along the Bay and to preserve maritime resources. 

Located in Pier 70 at 18th and Illinois Streets in San Francisco, Crane Cove Park has a multi-purpose lawn, barbecue areas, gardens, pathways for cyclists and pedestrians, and a pocket beach for human powered water recreation. The park uses historic site artifacts for its tables or benches which is part of the project’s sustainability practices. It also highlights Pier’s 70 history.

Crane Cove Park’s pocket beach. Photo courtesy of SF Port via Twitter.

“The Port is proud that in opening this park we have been able to successfully restore access to this stretch of waterfront and our rich maritime history; paying homage to our past and positioning us for a brighter future with all of the promise of joy, longevity and happiness symbolized by cranes,” Elaine Forbes, Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco, said in an official statement. 

The park opens access to the southern shoreline of the Bay and it connects communities from Dogpatch, Potrero Hill and Bayview, to the waterfront.

“Our community is looking forward to this transformation of the waterfront park, especially with Covid-19 still looming,” Katherine Doumani, President of the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association, said. “Public outdoor space is the ONLY safe space and much needed as the Dogpatch neighborhood rapidly densifies. It will be exciting to see the waterfront activated after so many years lying fallow and to watch how the immediate residents, as well as folks from further afield, will utilize this vast new space.” 

Crane Cove Park is part of the City’s project Blue Greenway, which looks to improve portions of the Bay Area Water Trail and the Bay Trail. It was also designed to protect nearby communities from flooding caused by potential sea level rise. According to an official statement from the Port of SF, Crane Cove can remain functional for up to 28 inches of sea level rise.

“Crane Cove Park is an example of intentional design that shows how we can build today along shorelines in preparation of challenges to come,” said the statement.

The planning of the waterfront park started in 2011 and after a process of designing and approvals, its construction began January 2019. It officially opened on Wednesday and now operates from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The project was funded with 2008 and 2012 Park General Obligation Bonds, Port Capital and grants.

In an official statement, Mayor London Breed commented on the new park.

“Crane Cove Park is a beautiful new addition to our City’s Southern Waterfront and adds much-needed open space and access to the Bay for our community,” Breed said. “COVID-19 has shown us just how important parks and open spaces are for our physical and mental health, and this new park could not have come at a better time for our residents. Crane Cove Park will open a connection to the waterfront that our southeastern neighborhoods have never had.”