HOLLYWOOD—Another week, another predictable week in the “Big Brother: All-Stars” house. I’m done, I am ready for this season to be over, this steamroll is just boring me the hell out of it. I have never seen people play the game so scared. Like I think we have a month and then this horrid season will be over. At this point I have no one I’m rooting for, with 6 people being left in the game after this week (we’ll talk more about that triple eviction later) and we can hope and pray the series gets revamped in a major way and it’s long overdue America.

Da’Vonne delivered an exceptional speech that should make the powers that be at BB take notice about issues of diversity and casting. I mean 22 seasons without an African-American winner speaks wonders, when you look at “Survivor” which has had plenty of winners of color. She was evicted by a vote of 5-2, with Dani and Nicole voting against Kevin. Nicole only did it to save face, and let’s just say the BB18 winner has an uphill battle to try to win a jury vote if you’re asking me.

Confessing the truth in the goodbye message versus telling Da’Vonne to her face (at least that is what the producers want the TV audience to believe), the live feeders know that is not true because a wall yeller unleashed the truth to the house and Da’Vonne was aware of what transpired. So the only source of entertainment we had left is now gone, and Enzo his funny, but you can only take so much of his shtick before it gets boring.

We were teased about a new twist that was to shakeup the game, with a BB Legend becoming the neighbor. That legend turned out to be Dr. Will Kirby. Yes, we got an actual all-star America, but this twist was like a wet fart that didn’t deliver. Will teased the opportunity for the houseguests to go for power or prizes. Ok, there is like two powers, Head of Household or the Power of Veto. I mean this twist was so damn disappointing. If you’re going to tease the audience about the game being shaken up, then shake the damn game up. Will made a minor appearance and wasn’t seen the rest of the week. If anything, they knew how boring the season was and that fans would tune in to find out who this legend could be.

Nice to see Dr. Will, but if you’re going to present a twist it needs to deliver. I mean a second POV could have been unleashed into the house or how about 2 HOHs, a vote cancellation or a new power that the game has not seen before. Gosh, I feel like I should be running things for the series that seems to be losing its steam season after season since BB19. Cody won a crapshoot HOH, and it was obvious Kevin and David would be targets yet again, great. Kevin unleashed a bit of frustration on Cody, who tried to play victim, god I cannot wait to see his ass touch the block, he needs a reality check America.

We get OTEV, but with prizes and who would have guessed it Cody, won the POV. The predictability is just too much for me America. However, I was baffled by the absolute stupidity of David, who is at risk of going home and taking a $10,000 cash prize than the POV. Just when you want to root for this guy, the idiot does something that makes you wonder, WHY, just why. Can we seriously recast BB22 again America? I get we’re in a pandemic, but something tells me there were a few other all-stars, ugh, ‘legends’ we could have gotten if CBS was willing to fork out the money for them. People we actually wanted to see play again.

So it looks like Kevin is headed out the door on Thursday, but he will NOT be alone, we will see two more houseguests join him in the jury, as a triple eviction. Yes, only in BB Canada have we seen such a thing, but it looks like the US version is throwing its hat in the ring. How this will work, I have no clue, but I hope, it’s not like BB Canada where someone wins HOH and nominates 3 people, and the house voting to save one. Predictions have been made that this could be a double/double, which would be great. Why? We take the audience by surprise by making them think it’s a double and right before they think the night is over, they learn it’s a triple eviction, which will only lead to more chaos if you want me to be honest America.

It’s never been done and what better way to drop such a twist on a group of players than all-stars, who are all thinking it’s a double, when it’s a triple. Get ready for chaos, backstabbing, lying and betrayals like we’ve never seen before. With that said, so many people are wondering who could see their games end in the triple, well Dani is at the top of the list because she is being targeted, so of course we always root for the underdog. I would LOVE for someone to take a shot at her, she wins HOH and someone else goes out as a default. Then she wins the second HOH and then makes a major move and then blows this game sky high with the Committee literally exploding to where no one trusts anyone.

While Dani, Christmas and David are equally in just as much danger if you ask me, it would be great if these three saw how much danger they are in and aligned to go after Enzo, Memphis, Cody and Nicole. I’m not including Tyler because he is like the top person I’m rooting for now. I don’t know why, but he has a likability factor that the others lack, even David who is an underdog, just isn’t game savvy enough for me to root for. He would have to turn on his game capabilities and take out like a Cody, Memphis, Nicole, at least 3 or 4 power players for me to root for him.

Tyler taking out Dani would be his worst case scenario because while they are targeting each other, they are doing the work of others, not realizing it. So if they aligned they could be a dangerous threat, a major threat, who could run the gambit if you ask me. The one good thing about this upcoming HOH is that they’re both going to be questions, the one after the triple ends is likely a puzzle or another crapshoot and I don’t see another endurance competition until the final five or maybe the final four, which is kind of unprecedented if you ask me. The vetoes will also have to be quick during the triple, which makes me suspect some sort of puzzle or skill similar to what we saw in BB20.

This triple MIGHT be the most excitement we see all summer America, but the problem is we won’t get the opportunity to salivate and see the chaos of this alliance turning on each other. With that said, I would literally scream if a Cody, Nicole or Memphis went out during the triple, at least 2 of the 3 would totally open this game wide open and make what has been such a predictable season have an unpredictable finish.