HOLLYWOOD—The year of 2013 kicks off with a huge car crash that is expected to rattle the citizens of Port Charles on the ABC soap “General Hospital.”  First and foremost, Dante and Lulu whose elation of hearing that Maxie (Kristen Storms) would be carrying their baby fizzles with the news that Maxie had a miscarriage.  The troubling aspect is that the elated couple has no idea of the bad news that is in store for them.  That’s just the beginning of the chaos in the month of January.

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Carly (Laura Wright) and Todd (Roger Howarth) take their relationship to the next level when they decide after nearly a year of flirting with one another to sleep together.  Both characters have instant chemistry that audiences were well aware since the characters first laid eyes on one another.  The duo makes a great couple; she is the ying to his yang. There’s just one problem, Todd has been keeping a whopper of a secret from Carly and his daughter Starr (Kristen Alderson) that he knows who is really responsible for the death of Cole and Hope: Johnny (Brandon Barash).

Todd has gotten away with doing some heinous things in the past, but this will take the cake.  What type of father hides a secret from his daughter as to who murdered her fiancé and daughter?  That’s low even for him.  The chance for forgiveness is statistically low.  Johnny is not in the best situation as crazed Connie chose to lock Johnny in the back of a trunk to keep him quiet from spilling the truth that he was the one who killed Hope and Cole after shooting out the tires in his grandfather’s car.

It appears last year is repeating itself as a major car crash is reminiscent to the events that brought the Manning clan to Port Charles to begin with.  This time around Ellie, Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) crush is struck by Connie’s vehicle, but also Kristina, Trey, Michael (Chad Duell) and Starr find themselves in the midst of the aftermath.  It was quite interesting to see Connie’s life hang in the balance of Starr’s hands.  She can choose to let the crazed lunatic fall to her death or be the bigger person and rescue her. It’s during Connie’s time of desperate need that Johnny reveals a whopper of secret to Starr about who was responsible for that tragic accident on the same road a year ago; he was the culprit.

Spinelli and Maxie bonded during a time of sadness, as Ellie patiently lays waiting for someone to rescue from her injuries before it’s too late.  As much as the audience has been eagerly waiting for Spinelli and Maxie to be reunited, its hard to witness Ellie have her heart broken in the aftermath.  Patrick and Sabrina came close to a New Year’s kiss, but that was interrupted with a phone call by mean-spirited doctor Britt.  That Britt is indeed an evil woman and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when Patrick’s presumed dead wife Robin resurfaces.

Fireworks are indeed in the works in the coming weeks, especially with February sweeps just a few weeks away.  Expect many lives to be turned upside down on “GH.”  “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.

By LaDale Anderson