HOLLYWOOD—Thank goodness the holidays have passed us, and we’re now able to get back to weekly TV viewing. “Revenge” returned from its winter finale even bigger than expected.  Episode 10 “Power” saw Emily (Emily VanCamp) resorting to her old ways.  The Initiative continued to manipulate a gullible Daniel (Josh Bowman) whose desire for power will ultimately be his downfall.   The relationship between Amanda and Jack looks to be on the utmost horizon. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) implemented her new plan to take down Daniel, but using Emily as her weapon of choice. Nice tactic for Emily to call out Victoria for spying on her.

It was a treat to see Victoria graveling at Emily’s feet for her assistance to help Daniel.  The Ryan brothers became skeptical about Declan’s (Connor Paolo) intentions thankfully Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) stalled the duo before they discovered what Declan was up to.  He stumbled upon some drugs hidden inside a bag of coffee beans. Daniel had lunch with daddy to uncover more of his secrets which was perfect timing for Emily & Aiden to stage a fight to grab Daniel’s attention and ever did it work. The look on Emily’s face was priceless!

Photo courtesy of hollywood.com

Jack alerted Amanda of his plan to bust the Ryan brothers.   Aiden and Nolan planned to keep tabs on the initiative and Helen Crowley.  It was indeed an awkward dinner party where Emily grilled the judge and his wife, Patricia who were responsible for her father’s demise.  To say that the judge was coercing his wife would be an understatement. Nolan informed Aiden what Helen was up to; the always devious Helen was expecting Aiden’s call as soon as he contacted her.  Helen called Aiden’s bluff by informing him that his sister is alive; that woman is quite a menace to say the least. Victoriabetter watch her back or should I say Helen should watch hers?

The cops raided the boathouse, which left the Ryan brothers on edge, while Jack had to convince them that he had no idea what was happening.  Not to sure if they bought what he was attempting to sell. Nolan shut down Marco as he attempted to win him back, by tempting Nolan with software that could change his life.  Emily decided to confront Patricia to gather more information from her.  Emily called out Patricia regarding the bruises on her face and shared information about Amanda’s childhood.

Declan was arrested for drugs that was found inside the boat thanks to the Ryan brothers who set him up, but Jack took the fall.  In due time, those two thugs will get what’s coming to them.  Patricia decided to unleash the truth at the soiree that shocked the Graysons and her husband.  He attempted to shut her up, but she resisted his coercion.    The verdict in the David Clarke trial came from a tainted jury.  She took off her jacket revealing a multitude of bruises over her body, putting a dagger in her husband’s chest.  Emily ignited a smile thanking Patricia for her admission. Amanda was heartbroken to hear the news that Jack is in prison and Declan discovered first had that the Ryan brothers mean business.

Emily found herself entangled in a love triangle.  From a distanceVictoriawatched Emily and Daniel; well aware thatVictoriawas watching, Emily made sure Daniel kissed her, however, she never expected Aiden to catch them in the lip-lock. Looks like “Revenge” is getting back on track.  Can’t wait till February sweeps!  Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers.

By LaDale Anderson